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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 33 of Forty- Thankful Five

Happy Sunday, friends.  Here are 5 things I'm grateful for:

1. Neighborhood friends. Let's face it. My forever friends are the people who were my very first neighbors; people I met when I was three. I love them just as much as I did when we were running around playing kick the can after school. The neighborhood we moved from four years ago gave us a multitude of grown-up friends. Even though we live where-ever we do now, many of us are still close. We were all the same age, we all had children that went to school together and we all were struggling with the same issues (paying the bills, working multiple jobs, fitting in). It was a very pleasant place to grow our family. I'm grateful I was allowed to have the experience of getting to know so many great people. I'm equally grateful that my daughter made her forever friends in the same neighborhood.

2. First BBQ of Spring. We were invited by two of our best friends to a BBQ on Saturday. They are also friends from our old neighborhood and I adore them. Our spouses get along, our kids get along... I  don't know how we got so lucky. I'm grateful that we were able to stuff ourselves silly with all things-grilled, laugh about nothing in particular and watch our children do the same. That friendship is such a gift.

3. Peel and Stick Flooring. You know how we've been working on the bathroom downstairs and that it hasn't been one of our favorite re-dos. It mostly had to do with how scared we were to see the water damage that had taken place over who-knows-how-long. What began as a paint-job, quickly became a huge overhaul to find and fix a leak. Everything with any capacity to be water-damaged had to be thrown out. The cabinet was soggy, the floor had curled up and there was more grossness than I care to mention on a Sunday. Thank goodness we found the problem (equally gross). We couldn't put down carpet or lay wood in the basement, so went with this really cool flooring from Home Depot. It wasn't too pricy and it looks like wood, except that it's not. It's this peel and stick stuff that you lay like stickers to the floor. The pieces overlap so the floor kind of "floats". The best part of this pseudo-linoleum is that it is highly water resistant and comes with a 25 year warranty. I do believe it will outlast me. Thank you, Big Orange Box Store.

4. My house. I sometimes am afraid of the outside world. I don't enjoy shopping on Saturdays or going to movie premiers that are practically sold-out. I am just as happy sitting with my family in this aging old brick haven. Scares like we had with the bathroom remind me again how easily something can be taken away. I had nightmares of black mold and sagging support beams; of wet concrete or cracked sub floors. We do not live in a cookie-cutter house. We do not live in a McMansion, or anything resembling "new or shiny."It's an old house with aluminum wiring that badly needs a new roof and windows that don't whistle when the wind blows. I write lots of blog posts on the different ways we try to fix it up, I know. It has great bones and was built by people we loved. People who aren't alive anymore; people I talk to when I'm repairing something. "Oh 'so-and-so, ' Why did you choose to put the wall here and why isn't it square?" or  "Hey, 'so-and-so',  Make sure I don't get electrocuted when I touch this wire..." It goes on and on. The point is, I genuinely love this house; as much as you can love something that doesn't breathe. I know like everything else, that it might not be standing forever. We live in a time of economic uncertainty..We live on a fault line and/or  I run too many appliances all at once... But for now, I put my babies to sleep every night in this home. I read novels in its corners. I watch the sun stream in when it's cold outside from the living room windows. I create down in that silly craft room and sometimes, I cook in its kitchen... I will never take any of it for granted.

5. At this very minute, I am grateful for my five senses.  I'm looking at this screen and feeling the keys as I click out all of my rambling thoughts. I can hear the whoosh of "light sabers" and smell buttery microwave popcorn. I am upstairs in my room and the man and our youngest are enjoying some episode of "Star Wars" down in the living room.

It is Sunday night, and all is well.

Have a wonderful evening, friends.


  1. I love how you put my thoughts into words. Amen, sista!

    1. Christie, you make me smile! Thanks for YOUR words :)

  2. I echo you on all five - we are very lucky to have all these great people, events and things in our life.

    Also, we weren't watching just some episode of Star Wars. No, it was the world premier of Star Wars Episode 8, acted, directed and recorded by our youngest with the help of Legos and an iMac. I burned the file he created on a DVD for him. I gave him a case for the DVD and he even made his own cover art. He is very creative, just like his siblings - they all must get it from their mother.

    1. Now that sounds like a movie I need to see. Thanks for making the little guy feel so successful. Thanks for the compliment- but my talents end WAY before film making :)

  3. We are very thankful as well, it's always nice to get together. Glad that your bathroom is coming along.

  4. Thanks Char. You are welcome to come over and help a girl paint base molding... :)


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