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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Bags 2012

Hello friends.

I know. It has only been Autumn for three days, but I'm already enjoying dressing for the cooler mornings and less steamy afternoons. It is currently the "layering" stage here in Utah. I can still get away with my flip flops, but now I can also comfortably wear my cardigans. Yesterday I was sweating on the back steps, this morning it is snowing in the mountains.

Have you switched out your short sleeved T's for sweaters yet? Have your boots or wool skirts found their way to the front of your closet? They will.

What could go better with your fall wardrobe?

Aw, that's right! A new shellybean bag!

I'm putting a few in the shop tomorrow (9/26). If you're interested, click on that little Artfire button (tomorrow!) on the right of this blog and go have a peek. (no peeking until Wednesday!)

The bags are made from buttery faux (of course!) leather and crisp cotton. $30 + shipping/handling. If you have a coupon, this is the time to use it!

Of course, if you like the style but want a different color, inbox me in the shellybean shop. As always, thanks for looking and for your never-ending support.

Black Typography/Black faux leather

Blue and Green Plaid/Caramel faux leather

Aqua and Dark Brown diamonds/Dark Brown faux leather

Grape and white dots/Black faux leather

Navy and White circles/Caramel faux leather

Green and White Moda/Caramel faux leather

Happy "wear-whatever-you-want" Day, friends :)

What is your favorite thing to wear this season?

Friday, September 7, 2012

I think that was my last birthday...

Hey friends.

Yesterday's birthday was a great one. I heard/read greetings from family and friends via my blog, my husband's FB page (long story), Twitter, texting, voice mails and visits. I don't like to make a big deal out of the day, but it truly was nice.

So why would I say it was my LAST birthday? Easy. My birthday gifts. First, let me say right away how much I loved my ALL of my birthday gifts. I know how hard it is for people to go out of their way to find something special and personal . My family absolutely did that.

Second, my gifts ALWAYS reflect how ironic my life is. Plus, if you've been keeping up with the blog, you already know I have to make fun of myself AND my family. Come on, now!!

All day, the older two teased each other about spending "enough" time with me.  They kept saying, "Be nice to mom, because... well, you never know!" That's unconditional love right there....for someone. I think.

And so my friends, here are a few ways I may go into that dark night....

#1 Cause of not making it to age 43: Exercise-induced asthma attack, suffered after 32 continuous hours of Yoga.
Reason: Gift from the man: Yoga pants, Size Xtra-Small. XS. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Bless his heart.

I'm going to challenge that 4-way stretch thing..

#2 Cause of not making it to 43: Silicone overdose.
Reason: I would have to be sporting some brand new double Ds to fit in the fabulously large Detroit Lion's shirt also given to me by the man. Long term plan for him? Hmmm. Triple-sized breast enhancement surgery and half of a hip removed so I can fit in those yoga pants....Perfect.

#3 / #4  Cause of not making it to age 43: Choking on my own teeth and high blood pressure.
Reason: These were given to me all individually wrapped. Cavities? Sodium overload? Best hour and a half of my life while I find out???? My family knows me too well.

When I imagine my last meal,  (it may be sooner than I thought) It looks a lot like this. Except more circus....Hey!! Where ARE the circus peanuts?? 
*update 8:00pm. I just had the most adorable friend deliver to my doorstep a bag of Circus peanuts. She rocks. Thanks to her and to the power of blogging! Woo Hoo!

#5 Cause: Bleeding out
Reason: I knew the shapes of at least three of those wrapped sweets up there. They were sitting on the table all day long while the kids were at school and the man was at work. I contemplated more than once opening them, nibbling a bit and re-wrapping them. Who would miss a can of cherry coke? A block of chocolate? 7/8 of a Snickers bar? Baby, please!!!  Still, I would completely get my share of paper cuts after trying to put all of it back together....

#6 Cause: Incidence to age.
Reason: I really didn't think this birthday marked any difference in age or feeling. It felt like just another day. You're probably saying to yourself that I was being a little paranoid by thinking AGE 42 was as good as it was going to get. I might have thought that at one time too...But finally, I received this card from the youngest:

"Dear Mom. Happy Birthday. You are the best mom ever. I love you and 42 is a big number.        1970-2012
And there it is. 42 years, exactly.

Happy "make-the-most-of-the-next-364-days", friends!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Put a fork in it...

Hey-O, friends.

In my never-ending search for normalcy, I have a few more "Have you ever?" questions to ask ...

Today's topic: Plastic silverware.

You know. The kind you buy for parties or for picnics?

Here we go:

* Have you ever needed JUST forks or JUST spoons for your special occasion, but the only things left on the grocery store shelves were 26 boxes of knives?

* Have you ever wanted the "fancier," clear-plastic cutlery, but all you could find at Walmart was the cheap, white, bendy kind?

* Have you ever wanted forks or spoons in a certain color to perfectly match your family's Halloween/Birthday/Christmas/Arbor Day theme party?

* Have you ever reached the paper-goods aisle only to forget which type of utensil you were out of? Was it the pack of spoons you were lacking, or was it the knives? Now you have to buy one of each, just in case. (BTW, Can anyone cut ANYTHING with a plastic knife? Don't say cake. That's what the sides of plastic forks are for. Don't say BBQ pork chops. You KNOW you pick those up with your hands and shake the meat off the bones like a rabid dog....)

Anyway... I asked these questions regarding disposable eating utensils in the hopes that you might say, "Yes!! Of course I've been in that situation! I NEVER have enough "real" silverware for my guests! None of my spoons match! All of my "real" forks are dirty! I don't mind at all putting another dent in our landfills! Who DOESN'T want pink spoons or clover leaf-green forks?"

I'm crossing my fingers and my toes hoping you will have said ANY of those things.

Because today, I cleaned out part of our pantry-closet. OK. Not really CLEANED. I was actually looking for cupcake cups and found everything but cupcake cups. This particular closet has been a place where I  shove  stuff with my feet and close the door really fast put party supplies and a little of everything else EVER sold in the seasonal party-section of Target...

Back on the topic of plastic silverware. In that unorganized closet, in every nook and cranny, where there should have been some all-forsaken cupcake liners.....

You guessed it. This instead, my understanding friends, is what I found:

I know what you're thinking.

I OBVIOUSLY need a pseudo-flatware intervention...

.... and some SPORKs.

Happy National "give-a-fake-fork-to-everyone-you-know" Day, friends :)
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