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Sunday, January 8, 2012

When Spatial Inabilities rock.......

I was sadly and slowly savoring the last bit of boxed chocolate the man had given to me for Christmas. The box was beautifully wrapped. It came with a little menu so we could deter any of those "biting, not liking and then putting back right-side up for someone else to find" occurrences. Not that mind you, that would ever be me. In my book, anything dipped in chocolate is worth finishing...

Since I'm crazy, (hey, I need to inform any new readers) I must admit that instead of enjoying each piece for their individual glory, there were a few moments of, "I bet this solid caramel piece would go well with that toffee one..and that almond one..and that...Nom. Nom. Nom." Well, you get the idea..

Anywhoo, before I knew it (as well as after I had pushed away anyone trying to "sample" the goodies,) I found myself facing the very last piece of chocolate.

I looked at it for a few moments. I then searched the room for anyone who might be waiting for me to split it in half. No one was there. It was halftime and everyone suddenly had gone in search of other snacks. I kind of twirled that little lonely piece around. ..Then I checked the menu one more time. Chocolate Truffle. "Are you kidding me, you little morsel of gloriousness?" Yep, that's what I might have said...

I heard family starting to come back to the room. In part fear-part celebration, I tossed that piece of chocolate in my mouth, sat back and thanked the good Lord for the blessing of sweetened-cocoa-cream and dark chocolate. There may or may not have been tears. It was a beautiful moment, folks. It really was.

Then came the moment, not unlike the end of a vacation... The disappointing realization that Gift-Candy Party-Time was over. Dang. I stared at all those empty compartments. If tumbleweed would have passed by my coffee table at that very moment, I would have felt equally alone. I then reached over to pick up all the little brown wrappers off the table and just as I had suspected, there wasn't a crumb to be found.

Finally, I bent over to pick up the bottom of the box where all that chocolate had once happily been stored and in what can only be described as a precious miracle, I realized...the box was heavier than it should have been..Oh for the love of all that's good...There was a SECOND LEVEL? Wha? Yes, you read that right. Those sneaky professional chocolatiers gave me one last present. A final nod to the end of a looooong season. More chocolate. Hallelujah, Amen.

There are blessings large and small all around us, friends. Celebrate them all.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas gifts/Custom Orders

I need to get some new bags in the shop, but wanted to share some of the custom orders and gifts I made this Christmas. It was very busy time, but it was also so much fun. That sewing space lately, is one of my favorite places to be. It's silly, but that room seems to be where I can be most calm. I think that everyone needs a little of that during the holidays. Perhaps that's why the man kept telling me to STAY in the craft room...yeah that's probably why...

Thanks to everyone for shopping in the shellybean store this past year. I love your support and friendship. So much more is to come.. :)

Yeah, I made more and can't find the photos. If you're local, let me take a pic! If you're not, send me one, please ;)

Happy Tuesday, Friends.

Monday, January 2, 2012


1. Buying five books on the topic of "simplifying your home."
2. Spending two hours researching how to "be present in the moment."
3. Sending the man out for fast food while I write a healthy menu for the week.

I'm on a roll, man.

Happy 2012, friends. This year is going to rock. Seriously.
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