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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tardy Tuesday...

Holy Hannah, friends. Are any of you still out there?  I keep trying to figure out whether or not I'm ready to get back to the blogging world. I miss writing and have 100,000 things to talk about, I just haven't been able to get these dang hands on my keyboard.

I decided to jump back into the online water by posting some pics of that little wedding thing that went down in June. It went off without too many hitches...

I know, I know, the hitches are what MAKES a blog post, but I'm going to keep it simple for now. The days and weeks up until the event seem like a blur, as did the week after. Though we're getting back in the groove, not having my little girl down the hall still hurts as much as I thought it would. She's happy, so mama's happy. Hey, we all know what happens when mama's happy...

On to the photos. (If you're a FB friend of my daughter or the man, I apologize. She and extended family had these babies floating around immediately.) If you're a FB friend of mine, congrats. I just got back on after forever and three days. The pics aren't up there because I'm procrastinating at actual procrastination. I'm going to be working hard once again at becoming the social butterfly I once was. Okay. No, I'm not. I've always been more like the caterpillar halfway out of the cocoon. I hope that's okay with you as well.

Let's replay some of that "DAY" together.

This is what we looked like trying to keep our emotions in check. Neither of us could stop crying.

Weeks of planning and there were still broken buttons, crooked ties, and a SPANX emergency. Never let someone tell you that SPANX can't be too small. I may have rearranged some internal organs...

This is one of my favorite pics from the wedding day. I love the look on A.'s face knowing that she's finally going to put on the dress she's been dreaming of. Look at her face, friends. There's going to be some serious twirling in that dress.

Okay. She's in the dream dress. Half an hour before the ceremony, someone brings in pizza. I have SPANX on. Who can eat pizza at a time like this? Oh yeah, my daughter. No regrets, she says. I love this girl.

After all the preparations, we were organized, seated, and waiting for the procession. I swear to you. The picture above. THAT is what I was planning on seeing. Our little girl being carried down the aisle. Probably not spinning. She's much too young for that...

And then there was this. My heart couldn't stay in my chest. It was successfully lodged in my throat. It's probably best, as I wanted to cry the mama-cry. No one needed to see or hear that. I love this picture with my soul. (Thx to my sister-in-law, Nicole, for capturing the moment.)

The ceremony was lovely. It was filled with the things the couple loved. The bride and groom were surrounded with all of the people that love them. (Thx to my father-in-law, John, for the picture.)

Here are the five friends A. chose to stand up for/with her.

After the ceremony, the whole bridal party danced their way off into the sunset. Actually, it was into the dining hall. I love this picture for many reasons. A. looks beautiful, Mr. S. looks happy, and my youngest, J., was breaking down over the permanency of losing his sister. It was heart wrenching to see. This reaction, however, had no effect on the boy's ability to moon walk backward down the aisle.

Here's my little man showing the ladies all that he's got.

Here's the teenager who was grown enough to give the whole day to his big sister.

This is what happens when you realize the wedding was ending and nobody got punched.

This is what exhaustion/sadness/happiness/pride/numbness and "let's-take-in-every-ounce-of-what-happened-here-today" looks like.

Thanks for taking a peek at what was a game changer for us. It was a whirlwind.. All of it. Seeing our new son-in-law look at our daughter and watching their friends laugh and dance with them gave us peace. All we needed at this time, was exactly what we got. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends :)

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