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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 22 of Forty- Happy Pi Day!

I warned you when I started this whole "writing-for-40-days" thing that there would be a bit of chocolate involved. I may have used the word, "BOATLOAD"; I can't be sure.

Alas, it IS March 14, aka Pi Day. 3.14 You get it. It's suppose to celebrate the math constant, Pi- a name given to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. I think. I taught Kindergarten for a reason, man. All I really remember is that Pi is 3 point 1415926 -infinity, and if you correct me rather that give me your favorite pie recipe, I will have to recalculate our friendship...

The important question here is: Who would ever turn down the opportunity to actually eat PIE on Pi Day?  That's like messing with fate and why would anyone dare do that?

The middle child has awarded himself as the biggest pie-lover in all the land. I tend to believe it only because I know his genetics. Pie runs deep in our family. My favorite non-chocolate dessert in the whole world is my grandmother's fresh strawberry pie. Even typing those words causes me to tear up. Grandma used to make everything from scratch. To say that God put that beautiful woman on the earth solely to make a fruit pie may be exaggerating; but only by a little. It is THAT good. Ask my sister. She feels the same about Gram's Cherry pie. Mmm.

Since I'm across the country and that dreamy dessert is out-of-season,  I'll share with you our family's celebratory pie. Of course it's chocolate. It's me, remember? No need to pass this recipe down to anyone; there isn't one thing in it made from scratch. No one needs to know that, though. They just need to eat it.

Give it a try sometime. If you're like us, you don't need a special day on the calendar to eat sweets. Every day is "Pie Day". Or "Cookie Day". Or "Brownie Day". Oh, you understand...

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie.

You'll need:

*3 cups of Chocolate Animal Crackers or Chocolate Graham Crackers or....wait for it...crushed up Chocolate Chip Cookies.

*1/4 cup melted butter

*Tub of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (or any flavor)

*Chocolate Chips (I used regular semi-sweet chips and mini chocolate chips.

*Tub of Whipped topping

*Chocolate Sauce

*Pie plate, cookie sheet, bowls, potato masher or fork, wood spoon

1. Butter pie plate and set aside.

2. On a baking sheet or in a baggie, smash Animal Crackers until crumbly.

3. In a bowl, mix cookies with melted butter and a little chocolate sauce. You need it to be a consistency that will allow you to press the mixture into the pie pan. This is your crust.

4. Stir ice cream in a bowl until smooth enough to pour and fill the pie shell.

5. Sprinkle chocolate chips onto the ice-cream (about 1/2 cup).

6. Spread whipped topping on top of the chips/ ice-cream.

7. Sprinkle more chips on top of the whipped topping. I used mini chips for this part.

8. If desired, (um, REALLY?) drizzle that chocolate sauce on top. Freeze for at least 20 minutes.

9. Eat that baby UP!! You can inhale it (like me) or you can savor it like only a true pie connoisseur can..

Your turn. What is your favorite kind of pie? Non-pie lovers need not comment. I can't read that kind of negativity here. ;)

Happy Pi Day, otherwise known here as "Wednesday"


  1. Around here, we do Asphalt Pie for just about every occasion. It's similar to yours:

    1 package Oreos, crushed.
    1 stick butter
    1 tub mint n' chip ice cream
    1 big tub Cool Whip
    caramel sauce
    1 can of whipped cream

    Reserve about a cup crushed Oreos. Drizzle bottom of pie tin with caramel sauce. Melt butter and mix with remaining Oreos. Press Oreos mixture into pie tin. Soften ice cream and mix with Cool Whip. Plop into pie shell. Freeze. Before serving, top with whipped cream, crushed Oreos and Caramel drizzled on top.

    As good as the real thing...or so I'm told. ;)

    1. I forgot to mention that this makes 2. Yes, because you'll want the second one. ;) But in case you are strage, you can half the recipe.

    2. Who would ever halve a recipe? Not me? Not you either. If you can't finish your 2nd pie, you know where I live :)

  2. Christie, that is marvelous. Caramel on the bottom AND Oreos? ? Shoot me now. I would lick the pie pan clean..Ahem..not that I've ever done that before..Thanks for the recipe; you rock!

  3. The biggest pie lover in the land along with his best bud, who's furious with me that he did not get pie today:)

    1. Every day is pie day! I offered J. lemon cream pie for breakfast last weekend. He turned it down for waffles. It's okay though because he topped them with hot apple pie filling. That was a "yoga pants" kind of day :)

  4. I love Lemon pie the besets but don't make it. I go to Sandy's and buy what I want!

    1. You know, unless I've eaten it at someone's home, I don't believe I've ever had a pie from Sandy's. That's probably a sin, huh? I love Lemon Pie, though...I think I suddenly have weekend plans.. :)

  5. These days I would have to say that coconut cream is my favorite. Apple, cherry and chocolate are close behind.

  6. Jo and I were talking about it this morning. I think the only flavors I don't care for are peach or rhubarb.

  7. Pie.
    Should I even mention that I'm more of a cake gal, then a pie gal?
    Kinda like saying "I hate handbags, huh?"
    LOL! Well, I DO like pie, just not LOVE pie. My mom makes a mean blueberry pie. From scratch...the entire thing. And picks the blueberries with her very own hands. So pretty yummy, but hand me a chocolate frosted, chocolate cake.....holy head rush!!!! I might bite someone's hand off for trying to make me share! ;)
    So let's talk cake..... :)

    Love to you!
    Your chocolate covered FF <3

    1. We'll talk cake soon, girl. Chocolate cake. Mmm.Pie has become some sort of fad here, not unlike cupcakes and bagels before that. Don't ever say that you hate handbags! Thats like saying, "Volde---" Oh. I just can't do it :) Blueberries. Again, mmmmm! <3

    2. Ahhh!!! Not to piggy back on comments, but I was reading this and burst outloud in giggles when I read... well we all know whose name you were typing...
      I LOVE Harry Potter... :)


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