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Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 17 of Forty- Tell me about it, Stud.

I was reading the fun comments left on yesterday's blog. Friends teased about the candy stash and hauling TVs up and down the stairs. I'm sure I've mentioned a few times about how much I enjoy reading your comments. They always make me smile and feel connected. It's my favorite part of this whole blog experience.

My sis and forever friend teased about coming over to my house to watch "Grease".  We must have watched that movie 100 times. Memorized every song and sang them at the top of our lungs. If I were to flip through the channels and find that film today, I'd probably drop a few things just to watch it again.

Yeah, I love a good movie. Adding friends AND candy? Well, as my daughter would say,  "THAT would be the Bee's Knees!".  (She's saucy like that...)

It got me thinking about what other movies I'd like to see for the millionth time. Do you have favorite films like that? The ones you could see over and over again because you love them so much?

Leave me a comment and let me know which one(s) you never get tired of seeing. I know it's hard to expect you to read this blog on a Friday or Saturday...but you knew I'd be here! If you comment before my next blog goes up tomorrow, there may be a little somethin'-somethin' coming your way. Who could pass that up?

Favorite movies you'd watch on a loop, friends. Start dishing.

My Picks: (Besides "Grease")

1. Pretty Woman
2. 16 candles/ Breakfast Club/St. Elmo's Fire/Pretty in Pink  (any Brat-pack film)
3. Field of Dreams
4. Anchorman
5. When Harry Met Sally
6. The Princess Bride

Happy Friday, friends :)


  1. I could watch When Harry Met Sally because we all need to be reminded that when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start right now; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that show a great baritone and some fancy dancin' can solve any problem; and Ferris Bueller's Day Off just to shake it up baby.

    1. Ann, your list rocks, if only for the awesome tag lines! Go you!

  2. 1. Dear John
    2. Fun With Dick and Jane
    3. When In Rome
    4. Seven Pounds
    5. She's The Man
    6. The Blindside
    7. Legally Blonde
    8. A Walk To Remember
    9. Something Borrowed
    10. The Wedding Planner
    11. Balto
    12. Hot Rod
    13. The Devil Wears Prada
    14. Beauty and The Beast


    1. Steph, I've never seen Balto..Sounds like a RedBox pick, for sure ;) Also, what is the "Hot Rod" movie of which you speak?

  3. Hot Tub Time Machine, The Hangover, Anchorman, Shallow Hal, Tropic Thunder, Tommy Boy, There's Something About Mary (yes, I'm in the mood for humor tonight)

    1. This is obviously not my husband. His list would start with Star Wars and End with Star Wars, Episode I-Don't-Care, Star Trek, 2001, Tron.....But I'd love to watch any of your "humor list". I loved Tommy Boy :)

  4. 1. Hot rod
    2. 17 again
    3. Mean girls
    4. Bride wars
    5. Ms. Congeniality
    6. Dark knight
    7. Justin Bieber movie
    8. Huger games
    9. Little mermaid
    10. Fun with Dick and Jane
    11. Ferris Bueler's day off
    12. Confessions of a shopaholic!
    13. Van gogh special on the history channel. ;)

    1. Alice, Hot Rod for you, too? Did you get the pirate copy of Hunger Games, or is there a real, "Huger Games?" You KNOW how much I love #13. In fact, what are you up to tonight?

  5. This sounds like a list of what to watch this weekend! So many good movies on these lists. I won't repeat a bunch, but will add footloose. Oh, and we'll be watching Top gun this weekend because my daughter has never seen it and filming for the sequel is starting ...on the campus where she works! Out government may be unsure about F-35, but Hollywood loves it!

    1. Hilarie, Footloose rocked!! I didn't even know they were making a sequel to Top Gun! Man, I loved Tom Cruise back in the day...Now? Hmmmm

    2. Wasn't it so much easier when we were younger and they only had to look good? :)

  6. Hmmmmm.....besides Grease? What is there besides GREASE??? ;)
    Okay.... my picks~
    1. The Notebook
    2. Practical Magic
    3. Gone With The Wind
    4. Wizard of Oz
    5. Pretty Women
    6. Any and ALL Disney or Pixar movies
    7. The Christmas Story
    8. Titanic (why do I always hold my breath hoping they don't hit that damn iceberg???)
    9. Sweet Home Alabama
    10. Forrest Gump
    11. Big
    12. Saving Private Ryan
    13. Joe Versus the Volcano
    14. Cast Away.......I'm a Tom Hanks fan (:

    There are many many more I could add. Just not enough time or space.
    Sure wish I could hang out and watch a movie or 50 with ya!

    Love ya and have an awesome weekend! Your FF

    1. Nickie, I forgot about BIG. I love that movie too! BTW, if you watch Titanic on VHS, (it comes in two volumes) the first part (VHS tape #1) of the movie is the happy Part. Just say NO to Volume two, that's where the trouble begins... :( Love you, girl..Happy Spring Forward :)

  7. Zoolander
    Nacho Libre
    Miss Congeniality
    Kung Fu Panda (1&2)

    I'm sure there are more, but it's Saturday and my brain has checked out for the weekend. ;)

    1. Christie, I kind of love everything Sandra Bullock is in and Zoolander is plain hilarious. Get some rest, 'tis been a long week :)

    2. I love Sandra Bullock, too. And is it bad that my little ones can quote Zoolander?

    3. Quoting Zoolander can ONLY be awesome :)

  8. Grease was just on last night, back to back...guess what pete got to watch for nearly 4 hours! :)

    1. Pretty in Pink
    2. The Princess Bride
    3 Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation
    4. Elf
    5. The Color Purple
    6. The Fisher King
    7. What Dreams may Come
    8. Fun With Dick and Jane
    9. Beetlejuice
    10. Heather's
    11. Any movie with Johnny Depp

    1. K, Pete is SO lucky!!..and Christmas Vacation, could there be a more brilliant film? Heather's? BeetleJuice? Good Girl! Get your buns over to my house. Now! Love you, sis!

  9. Thanks (AS ALWAYS!) for commenting. All you cute girls (and Mark) are getting a darling little tissue pack. Inbox or email me and tell me your favorite colorer what color will match your existing bag- I'll send them out ASAP :)

  10. You've already got a couple of my favorites listed. "Princess Bride" was the one that immediately came to mind. I'll add:
    1. "The Hunt for Red October" (Alec Baldwin was so cute before he got old and fat)
    2. "The American President"
    3. "The Shawshank Redemption" (although I hate it when he crawls through the sewer pipe)

    And, we regularly watch our DVD copies of "V for Vendetta" and "Casino Royale" (the first James Bond movie with Daniel Craig) because they're also some of my very favorites.

    Finally, the first "Legend of Zorro" movie, starring Antonio Bandaras, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Anthony Hopkins has been playing on HBO regularly the past few days. We've watched it a few times (parts here and there depending on when we turn the TV on) for the lovely eye candy. Can't say it's stellar cinema, nor is it remotely probable, but it is entertaining.

  11. I also have to reinforce what Nickie said about re-watching Titanic. I re-read my favorite books and find myself wishing that the bad stuff doesn't happen, so I totally understand where she's coming from. You stop and think, "I'm re-reading this, I already know what's coming, and yet I'm still on edge here hoping that what I already know will happen magically somehow will not happen this time?!?"

  12. Nicole, The American president is a really good movie. I love, LOVE Shawshank Redemption as well. (Yay Morgan Freeman!). I think we all understand the, "please don't let my favorite characters die/go through such tragedies!!" situation. If anything, it's props to the authors who make us fall in love with their characters..


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