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Monday, March 5, 2012

Day13-When good manners hurt...

In the kitchen today, about 3:45

The youngest: Mom, can I please have another after-school snack? I'm so hungry!

Me: You just had fruit snacks and part of your brother's chips. Didn't you eat your lunch?

The youngest: No. Everything was orange or fish! It was gross. I didn't eat anything.

Me: You didn't eat any of it? Didn't the lunch ladies get mad? I thought you weren't even allowed to go to recess unless you ate something.

The youngest: No, they weren't mad. I don't want to hurt their feelings. All I have to do is rub my tummy and say, "Thank you, but I had a big breakfast." They always smile and let me leave.

Me: Wow. You need to stop the sweet-talking and start eating your lunch.

The youngest: (Whiney voice) Okay. What's for dinner?

Me: I'm making Chicken Alfredo with vegetables.

The youngest: (now holding his tummy..) Thank you, but I had a big lunch.

Happy truthful Monday, friends :)


  1. I can understand passing on the school lunch fish and orange stuff. However, I seriously question his judgement for passing on home cooked chicken alfredo!

    1. Tell that to the little man, would you? Actually C. doesn't like it either.. He doesn't like melted cheese..What? I know. I think they are mine...

  2. Fish? Yuck! Orange stuff? Yuck! Home cooked meal? Yum! We will be over for dinner tonight. :)

    1. You are welcome to come for dinner at any time. As you may have gathered from my story, I ALWAYS have left-overs. Pleasing kids is hard, man!

  3. I know I should do my fatherly duty and say the kids need to eat, "big lunch" or not, but it is hard to do when it means there is more food for me. Pass the yummy chicken alfredo please!

  4. Aha! I love the Alfredo too. There is always the PB and J back-up though, eh?

  5. The fact that Jonah rules and makes friends with the lunch ladies>Alfredo>plastic cheese on styrofoam bread cut in a deceivingly good-looking circle> school lunch> The fact that Chris and Jonah shared chips without me> The fact that you only blog about your favorite children.

    But, whatever Cello.
    My band wrote a song about people like you once. It was called something like the 'The Favorite Kid I never was'. Or 'Life of Neglect: First Hand'. Eh, it's been awhile. Maybe that was just some of the lyrics from the song I helped co-write for Ray Charles. It's hard to say, really.
    Keep it classy! :)

  6. Alice, You know I love you. That is so much >you commenting on my blog>you reading my blog>what people must be interpreting the blog to say>what people must interpret from your comments.. Your "3 jobs in her whole life" mother is in awe of you..<3 MamaCello


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