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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 37 of Forty: Ruffles

Hello friends!

No, this post is not about potato chips. (I wish!)

I ordered this amazing fabric a while back. It's called "ruffle fabric". You can order it online from, where else?  After looking at the tags, I see that it is located in Utah. (Who knew?) Anyway, I believe it runs around 15-17 dollars a yard, but if you love ruffles, it is COMPLETELY worth every penny. I would never in a million years be able to create anything like it. I ordered a yard of pink, hot pink and eggplant.

 When the eggplant came, I knew that it was going to be the color of our "theatre-like" room. Remember that man cave? Remember how I needed to hang some pictures or make some pillows for that dark room? There is where the ruffle fabric comes in.

It looks like this:

Beautiful, no?

I had some of this crispy, inexpensive cotton from IKEA ($4 a yard). I figured I could use it for the backs of the pillows :

I had hideous well-worn blue pillows I used as pillow forms.

And then I made these:

So much better, don't you think? With pillows selling for ridiculous amounts of money these days, I figure I saved at least half, and they match the room perfectly. Plus, they are removable and washable. For a room where teenagers hang out, that is a must.

Would you like to try to make some? Here is what you'll need: (for 2)

* 2 old pillows/pillow forms. Mine are 17" square
* 1 yard ruffle fabric cut in 2 squares; cut 2" longer on all sides than your pillow. My pillows were 17", so the squares were 19".
* 2 pieces of quilter's weight interfacing You can use fusible, but I just sewed mine on. 19" square (you can also use flannel for this part. Diaper flannel works really well.
*1 1/2yrd of 60" width cotton for the backs. I used 4 pieces of the IKEA fabric cut 24" X 19"each
*thread, ruler, sewing machine, scissors

Tutorial Codes:
RST= right sides of fabric together (touching)
RSU- Right side of fabric facing up
WST- Wrong sides of Fabric touching
RSO- Right Side Out

1. Lay pillow form on ruffle fabric, or Measure two inches extra around the pillow and cut. If you are making more than one pillow, you can fold ruffle fabric in half, so you'll only have to cut once. The fabric is stretchy, so don't worry if it bounces back or looks askew..

2. Because the fabric is stretchy, you'll want to sew a sturdier fabric on the back. You don't have to do this step, but it makes everything easier to work with later on. . Lay your ruffle fabric on the interfacing/flannel, pin and cut out. Again, it doesn't have to be perfectly matched. I doubled the interfacing so I could cut two at once. (two pillows, remember?)

3. Lay out your interfacing. Place ruffle fabric on top of it. The ruffles are RSU. Pin the fabrics together. You can't have too many pins. Your goal is to keep the ruffles all facing the same way. Baste ALL around the square. You can use your sewing machine on the longest stitch, or do it by hand. I basted mine at 1/4 inch all the way around. This way, I don't have to remove it later. Work slowly. This is where you'll be glad you pinned.

You can square up the fabric if you'd like. This is the front of your pillow.

4. Take your backing fabric and iron it. Fold each piece in half WST and press again. My pieces were 24'X19"; folded they were 12X19". On the folded edge, stitch across each piece (1/4"). This gives a nice, finished look to the back of your pillows. The picture below shows my four pieces, laying on top of one another (you'll need 2 for each back)

5. Okay. Remember, I am spatially challenged. Bear with me on the next directions. If you have any questions, leave me a comment... Lay your ruffle fabric RSU. Take one of your back pieces and lie it on top of the ruffles, matching up the corners on one side. Your finished edge that you previously sewed will be facing the center. In my picture below, the finished edge is where the fabric says, "seventeen eight" All of your other edges are raw.

6. Take your other backing piece and match raw corners again on opposite side. Your finished edge will OVERLAP the first backing piece. That is what you want! Again, all other edges are raw.

7. Pin that baby ALL THE WAY AROUND. Before you sew, make sure that your interfacing is on the bottom, your ruffle fabric is facing up and your backing pieces are on top of the ruffles, finished sides in the middle, and are over lapping.

8. Take that sandwich and sew around ALL sides (1/2 inch seam allowance)

9. Remove pins, cut off corners close to, but not through the stitches. This will help your corners be crisp. If you'd like, you can also trim any obvious excess around the pillow. Do NOT cut through any stitching.

10. Flip that pillow RSO. Poke the corners out with your fingertips. The back will look like an envelope opening (one side overlapping). Stuff your pillow form inside..

12. Cover completely, pull at the corners and fluff. You should be finished. Yay!

Here is the label for the ruffle company and a picture of another project I made using the pink ruffle fabric.

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends :)


  1. Your amount of talent and creativity amaze me. The ability you have to see something beautiful in your mind and then make it physically appear with your own hands, wow! You did a wonderful job on the pillows. They look spectacular and expensive. I love the material and the colors/patterns. Nice work!

    1. K, what a lovely comment. Thank you. The fabric really is incredible :) Thanks also for listening to me wail about stupid things on the phone :)

  2. Love it!!! My projects are already stacking up for after we finish the move...oh, and that other big event coming up. :) But, really, I've got my sewing machines ready to go in the next carload so that I KNOW they will put somewhere where I can get to them easily. Kitchen chairs, dining chairs, window seats, they all need to be re-covered. Now I'm sure I can find some pillows, too!!!

    1. Dear Hilarie, you have so much going on!!I can't wait to see all you do with your new home :) Thanks for taking the time to comment. I know how busy you are :)

  3. They look great!! Looks like a lot of work to me, though. I'll have to stick with the store bought ones. Or the ones my very talented friend makes for me.

    1. Not much work, but way easier to call your loser of a friend and have her sew them. I'd make anything for you, you know that :) Haha. Thanks for the compliment :)

  4. The pillows look great in the man cave, err theater room. I'm sure there are not a lot of people who have handmade ruffle fabric pillows in their theater room. Now hand me a box of candy, turn on a flick and give me a ruffle pillow to rest my head on and I will be right at home. Another great creation, shellybean!

    1. DO NOT SPILL ANYTHING on those pillows. Also, no "wiping of the cheeto-fingers" allowed. Thanks, love :)

  5. dear Shellybean! You must sell them in your shop, because there is no way I will ever make them....Great job once again..and the color is the best....I love purple. can you guess who this is. :)

    1. Uhhhh, Brenda? How could I not know it's you? You love purple! I love seeing you comment and, oh, I miss you terribly :(

  6. Love the pillow! unfortunately not all of us are talented enough to make that...much less sew a straight line! You're awesome!!!!

    1. Oh come on, you can do it! It will give you a reason to visit me! I'll show you how! Thanks for commenting :)

  7. Adorable! Man, your creative ideas just never end! I mean, rennovating the bathroom downstairs that everyone uses, painting the patio, reflooring the fitness room, it's just endless! How about upstairs though? I'm sure you have a nasty-worn-out-baby-balugea-bathroom that's just screaming to be redone! I mean, I know that it's rarely used, but I'm just saying if you ever feel bored.. Chris would greatly appreciate it.. and if that's not enough motivation, I don't know what is. ;)
    Classy Pillows!

    1. Dearest Alice, I must admit, the bathroom that looks like a baby blanket threw up on the walls DOES need renovating. The problem is any room being used constantly by teenagers just, well,..let's just say when my gag reflexes calm down a bit, I'll be on it. What doesn't' an 18 year old like about rubber duckies anyway? I used those classy pillows last night when the family watched "the Muppet Movie" together...they WERE comfy and.....Dad was able to eat popcorn like there was no tomorrow, I will get you back for that. You were missed :)- Love Mamacello

  8. This is just wonderful! I love the ruffle fabric and the pink bag!!! So cute! But I love the tutorial for making the envelope pillow case- how smart! You are very amazing and talented, I truly believe you could make anything you put your mind to!

    1. Thanks, Sav. The fabric was a little trying to work with, but I love the results. THe envelope pillows, btw, are really easy to whip up if you are using regular fabric. Thanks for the compliment, but I really put my mind into winning the lottery, and well, you see how that worked out. (seeing as I couldn't buy a ticket in Utah, and all). Better luck next time :)

    2. I make the joke with Ch that we should just burn a one dollar bill instead of buying scratch offs. It would give us the same monetary end and we'd atleast get a show, right? :)

  9. Shel, awesome creation, as always. So adorable! And that ruffle bag? Oh my goodness! Just precious.
    I borrowed my mom's sewing machine so I could re-do the UGLY cushions in our camper. I haven't started yet.
    I'm scared. Real scared.
    I'll let you know how it turns out. LOL!

    Your FF

  10. Thanks, girl. I made that bag for a precious little two year old. Her mama says she carries it everywhere. That makes me smile like crazy, and miss having little girls to dress up, but whatever....:( You have a camper? Camp yourself out to Utah, man! Don't be scared of sewing. Ever. It's hard to mess up..That's what seam rippers are for :)


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