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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 12-Grateful Five!

Hello! I can't believe it's Sunday already. The weekend as usual, flew by. Yesterday, we installed those beautiful doors, but before we knew it, Saturday was gone.

Today, we were ready for some much-needed downtime.  The beautiful sun was out in full-force. You know how much I love that! We were able to take the kids to breakfast and also enjoy a beautiful drive through the canyon. These are my favorite kinds of days. I wasn't ready for the sun to set; not at all ready for Sunday to be over.

Still, I wanted to be able to get my "Grateful List' for the week written... There was SO much to be thankful for this week. Here are my top five:

1. I was so pleased to stop by my little shop each day and find that someone had purchased my zippys. To those of you that also read this blog, please know that each of you made me smile; not just for the purchases themselves, but for the kind words that accompanied the orders. Though it sounds cliché, I will never forget your thoughtfulness.

2. I was touched this week to receive two wedding invitations from out-of-state friends. It has been a blessing to read (through Facebook statuses and private messages) about how old friends have found new love. These are two strong, established, and very wise women on their own. Both have found equally wonderful men. I am so happy and honored to be invited to share their joy.  Thanks, H. and L. :)

3. Today's trip through the canyon WAS beautiful. That alone is something to be happy about.

Since the weather was warmer than usual, the snow was melting at a much faster rate. This unfortunately, caused a lot of rocks to fall from the mountainside onto the canyon roads. Large rocks. One rock, about the size of my big, fat head, fell in front of us. The man didn't have any time to veer away. We hit the mini-boulder, feeling our whole car from front to back connect with it. Ouch. After pulling off to the side of the road and breathing a sigh of relief, we got out of the car to assess the damage. I was sure we would find a flat tire and a missing muffler. By the grace of God, we couldn't find anything. After a careful, silent drive home, we again checked the car. Not a scratch. If that's not a blessing, I don't know what is.

4. We were able to fill up my car, my daughter's and the man's car with gas..and were STILL able to afford groceries. I will never take that for granted.

5. My three children arrived home safely from their schools to a house that was standing in one piece. Two stories on the news this week showed me how quickly that could change. The Ohio school shootings as well as the Midwest tornadoes put everything important into perspective. None of those people had any idea last week what their worlds would be like today. Who knows when it will be our turn to be tested in such ways?

I hope you have a calm, blessed week, friends :)


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful, family-filled and stress free weekend. I hope you are all feeling better and have a perfect week. We love you!
    P.S. We are crazy about your Zippys!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! We are getting stronger each day. Thanks for the compliments on the zippys :) You rock!

  2. First of all, I wish the rock had been the size of your head (btw, I would never describe your head as big and fat - not sure where you got that). If it had been the size of your noggin, there wouldn't have been as much noise. As you said, thankful, it was just noise and not damage. And as you point out, even if there was damage it would pale in comparison to the challenges that others have faced this past week. Thanks for reminding me of everything I have to be grateful for. I am very grateful for you!

    1. I adore you and the fact that you're keeping up with commenting. I'm proud of my big, fat head! I feel like a live bobble head :) Seriously, thanks for everything <3

  3. Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL pics! Wow. Amazing. I could stare at that cloudless blue sky foreva'! And I'm so glad your car is dent free!
    Thanks for being your awesome self, Shel. For chatting with me on the phone looooong after you probably would like to get off (I know how you hate the phone...)and for your bling obsession....and for making me laugh, OUT LOUD, at your blog posts! Okay, Mark does help...funny guy! ;)
    And thanks for your amazing skills, for which I will never be in need of a handbag or zippy. Ever. E V E R. ;)
    Now if you could just make shoes. :)
    Love ya, FF

  4. NIck-Nack, I do hate the phone, but I called YOU and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for making me laugh so hard and for listening to all my stories. If ever I meet some designers at Prada or Christian Louboutin, I'll be sure to get on that "shoemaker" thing. Like I told my sister, you my dear, may always have anything you want from the shellybean shop :) Again, thanks for being my FF!


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