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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 14 of Forty: Happy Birthday, Oreo!

The Oreo cookie turned 100 years old today! At our house, that was something to celebrate. I bought a package of the cookies just for the occasion but had to hide them until today, you know, so I wouldn't eat them.

Here is a cute project I did with the kids after school in honor of OREO's special day.  A "project" is the perfect excuse to use when mama needs some sugar.

Since yet another snowstorm is on its way,  I went with building "Oreo Penguins".

Do you want to make some? You will need:

 *Two Oreos for each penguin. (I hand out three because let's face it, an artist has to eat.)

*Mini Chocolate Chips

*Various cookie decorations (Candy Corn make great beaks and feet!)

*Clean Hands (It's flu season, kids!)

1. Pass out Oreos (3 each). I started out by telling my kids one of my favorite sayings: "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" -that means if you break your Oreo, you CAN'T take your sibling's cookie out of anger. (I'm talking to you, 18-year old..)

2. Carefully break the cookie open and slide the top up about halfway. Press softly.

3. Open another cookie. Take the half that doesn't have a lot of filling and break that in half. These will be your wings. With right sides up, flip both halves so the broken parts face the outside and attach to the belly of your penguin. (right under the head.)

4. Use the filling from second cookie as your "glue." Take pieces of filling and use it to attach the penguin's eyes (chocolate chips). Then attach the beak and feet. Like I said, Candy Corn works great for this. We didn't have any, so we just used candy dots and candy hearts. Use whatever you have on hand..

5. When I showed the kids my penguin, the youngest said it looked like an owl :(  Yep, save the kindness for someone else.

After that, we made another and purposely made it into an owl.

THAT turned into a flock of little birds..

Then, because it is MY family, the kids veered off-course into "one-upping" each other and created a few more species from the Animal Kingdom.

It wasn't EXACTLY my plan.  It never is.  But I loved every second of having the kids together. I loved it SO much, I even shared the cookies with the kids. Okay, I shared the penguin with the kids.

That friends, WAS my plan :)

Thanks to Nabisco, for a fun Tuesday afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed a sweet Tuesday! :)


  1. Okay, hands down, this is my most favorite blog yet. I love Oreos, I love oreos made into adorable animals and I love that the kids get to join in on the fun. I am so going to make these cute cookies ASAP. They will not last long in my house. You are so darn creative!

    1. Thanks to you, Anon! Oreo love runs deep at our house. Post pics of your new creations!

  2. Love it! I think around here we'd have to give out 4 cookies. You have to eat at least as many as you play with!
    One of Brady's favorite sayings (I think he learned it at pre-school) is, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Only in this part of the country, it usually rhymes! (but not in our Yankee/SoCal blended family!)

    1. Hil, I taught that saying to all of my Kindergarten students too! (it rhymes here as well). They would always say it whenever we passed out treats or crafts. I usually only had to say, "You get what you get.." and they would always finish the saying :) BTW, four cookies would definitely work here! Thanks for the smile!

  3. Hang on - is that all three of the kids sitting next to each other in the one picture? Wow, good job mom! Having been able to see all the creations first hand, I can say they were very impressive. The bonus was getting to eat a bunch of cookies later. I vote for more tasty craft projects like this in the future. Isn't candy corn's birthday coming up soon?

    1. Yup, all of the kids, or at least three children I bribed to fill in as my kids.. We really did have a good time with those OREOs. Candy Corn's Birthday is in the fall. I'm thinking jelly beans or, even better, Cadbury Eggs! Oh Yeah!! <3

  4. Wait.. Hold on! Bottom picture, middle right.. Is that.. is that a bat? Phenomenal work! I mean, it's cut half-way (I'm certain not intentionally just because it wasn't made by the prime child). You've got a real Picasso on your hands, here. Funny how all of your kids are sitting.. Almost as if in order of their significance and/or talent? Hmm.. You've got your spectrum off just a little..
    But regardless, Happy birthday oreo!
    100 years of keeping things classy.. Cheers! :)
    - A

  5. Middle right? No, that is a little robin..and it IS phenomenal! The bat is ok, though :P ALWAYS keeping in classy :)

  6. Can i live at your house? Lol

  7. Ha! Come visit anytime..I USUALLY have cookies on hand (Or a daughter who can run to the store!)


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