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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 15 of Forty- Kony 2012

Hello, friends.

It wasn't hard to come up with today's post. My children have been telling me for years now about the "Invisible Children". My older two help fund the program at church. They tell me all the time about who they have helped and why...I've seen them come home with bracelets and T-shirts and have half-listened to the stories of children they've met from Uganda...

I've thought this whole time, "Aw. I have such good kids. I'm glad they're helping the less fortunate." I couldn't have been more pompous about it. My children ARE good kids. It was ME who wasn't getting it. The "invisible children" have been through the unspeakable. Yes, I had listened to my kids talk about situations happening a world away, but I hadn't really understood the severity of it all until my middle child sat me down this morning and told me about a man named Joseph Kony.

Who is Joseph Kony? That's what I said too.

If you have 29 minutes, please watch this film. If you feel the urgency of the situation as I did today, please share with anyone you can.


You know, I've been an educator since 1996. It took me watching that video to understand what "No Child Left Behind" really means.

Kony 2012, friends


  1. Two things I took away from this video:

    1. I am very proud of our kids for being involved in this cause and for educating their parents!

    2. What an important cause this is. It is something that we all need to support.

    Thanks for sharing, shellybean!

  2. It made the national news! The eldest says, "Great. You've been talking about it for 24 hours; I've been talking about it for two years." Either way, the campaign for awareness is out there. Thanks, M :)

  3. HA!!! Smart and GOOD kids you have there, shellybean. <3

    This video broke my heart and soul. I have not heard of the Invisible Children before. I'm pretty shocked that I haven't. I was pretty disgusted that I hadn't......

    I was blown away by documentary filmmaker Jason Russell. What a truly awesome man he is. I have no words to explain how inspired he makes me feel....about this cause and others.
    One thing I took away from this, besides the obvious of having to DO something to make this "beast" pay for all that he has done, is why can't more people rally the world about all sorts of causes and issues that NEED to be addressed? It makes me wonder why in the good ol' U S of A we allow the government, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, the FDA, and people with "money", to control the rest of us? If he can make others see whats happening a WORLD away, why can't we also see the things that are happening here?

    Sorry...didn't mean to sound "ranty". Just frustrated.

    Anyway, Kony needs to be brought down. Period. I see that happening....hopefully very soon. My hope is that the children that have had so much stolen from them, will be taken care of. That they will be given some sort of peace.

    I smiled when I saw the "No Child Left Behind" quote. Not a big fan of it, but with this, I am now. Perfect.
    Children are THE future. Yes Whitney, if you were right about nothing else, you were right about that.
    I'm really sorry kiddo's. Every time you turn around, some adult is screwing it all up...... :(

    <3 ya! Your frustrated FF <3

  4. Nick Nack, I know, the video resonated with me as well. I know the IC has it's critics, but who else is reaching all of these people? It has been an effective campaign and I am definitely more educated on it. I can spread awareness with/ without donating money . My kids were absolutely the leaders on this cause; it makes me hopeful for our future. I love your comment about the adults screwing everything up...Isn't hat the truth? Love you girl. Thank you for that heartfelt comment <3


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