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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 30 of Forty- Who am I today?

 Hello friends.

I jut wrote the longest post of my life that didn't save. It was about my identity crisis and why I left teaching. I'm not lying when I say I'm devastated about it.  (I have no business teaching small children with the language I just used, anyway.)

What to do? The ironic thing is I actually have to teach tomorrow, so that heartfelt post will have to wait.

Dang. (Not even close to the words I spoke!)

Okay. Here is what I need you to do. Leave me a list of 5+ identities you hold at this point in your life. Most of us have a million, I know. But tell me anyway. I'm going to give away something to one of you. Maybe that will help me feel better.

Maybe not.


Here's my list:

1. Mom
2. Wife
3. shellybean employee
4. Teacher
5. Chocolate taste-tester (goes hand-in-hand with Pouter-Extraordinaire)
6. Blog writer

Happy Friday-Cant-Get-Here-Soon-Enough, friends!


  1. Here you go:
    1. Dad
    2. Husband
    3. Son/brother/etc...
    4. IT manager
    5. Geek
    And the latest:
    6. The person who couldn't rescue shellybean's "longest post of her life". :(

    1. All of the answers above benefit me except for number six..Why THAT blog? That was my soul, man. It must have been meant to be :( ps. I like number five, but that didn't help much either! ;)

  2. 1. Wife/Mother/Daughter/Sister
    2. Chauffeur
    3. Pot stirrer
    4. Therapist
    5. Finder of Pots of Gold

    1. Ann, I'm glad you posted. I Love pot stirrer and therapist! That is quite the combination. Let me know when and where you find that pot of gold! <3

  3. 1. Sister/Aunt
    2. Girlfriend
    3. Student
    4. Crafter
    5. Barista
    6.- and according to Charley regarding our at home espresso/capp machine "But they don't taste the same when you don't make them!" :)

    1. Sav, I have been all of the above; I've just never been paid to make the coffee :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. I meant to add more before I hit publish... anyhow I'd like to think I understand the identity crisis. I feel the same. What AM I doing with my life? School is taking way too long and is this even what I want to get into anymore? I'd like to just make my crafts for the rest of my life... and spend time with loved ones... Is there a job for that?

    1. You have to find what you love or your soul will die. I'm halfway kidding. Of course you have to have enough money to survive, but you need to be fulfilled as well. No one can answer "What should I do with my life?" for you, but when you find it, your heart will let you know.

  5. 1.Mother
    3.Monster catcher
    4.Boo Boo fixer
    5.Story Teller
    6.The Organizer of chaos

    1. Boo Boo fixer And story teller. Are there more important jobs? I think not. Thanks for the smiles. You are more than welcome to show me how to organize the chaos..That's my lifelong test <3

  6. Oh, gosh! I just wrote a post that disappeared, too! Ugh!! Surely not as long as yours, but ugh, just the same!!

    1. Mother
    2. Fiancé and almost wife
    3. Emmie (extended mom) to the almost step-kids who are mine in a special way even though we're not legal yet!
    4. Designer/business owner
    5. Hander-out of cash from what the kiddos see as my unlimited supply
    6. Child of God

    I know the identity crisis, too. When I became a single mom, I felt an urgency to build a career to be able to take care of my kids. I was working in Dallas for a big-name luxury retailer, but the home life was miserable. I got stuck at the office when there was a deadline, I was cranky and hard to live with. When I gave that up for a work-from-home position for a company no one has ever heard of, my girls thrived. About 18 months ago, I changed again. I'm working in an office 4 days a week and have an incredibly flexible job. It's absolutely wonderful for our family right now, but not at all in my field. I do the job well, but often feel like I should be doing "more" with my career.
    In the end, for me, anyway, I have 13 more years until the little guy is 18 (not that it ends there at ALL!!) and my job may change over and over, but my vocation (for now) are these six little (and not so little) people who call me Mom and Emmie.

    1. Hilarie, Your comment was right on time. I read it before leaving for work today and cried. I only thought I would "matter" if I had a paying career. I gave it 100 percent, and like you, my family and marriage suffered for it. I think it's harder than anything to be able to find balance. You don't realize it until you're on the other side of it. I'm glad you are at a happy place right now...

      Again, thank you for your words- they were exactly what I needed to hear. Why do we women have such a hard time justifying what we do?

      Those little children that get to call you "Emmie" are extremely lucky :)

  7. 1. Favorite Child
    2. Best Sista
    3. Most influential tutor
    4. Twinkie stuffer.
    5. Village wolf-crier.
    6. Hallmark's best employee.
    7. The Cake Boss' Boss.
    8. Best most original blogger out there.
    9. The best of the best.
    10. The coolest commenter on your blog.

    1. Dear Favorite Child/ coolest commenter-bake your momma a cake, will you? Thanks for keeping it real . Always. -mamacello

  8. Okay, I need to think and sleep on this blog for the night. BUT, I had to add that everyone's posts on here made me smile. And nod. A lot. So, I will think a bit, but I have a feeling all the best answers were taken. LOL!
    Twinkie Stuffer, I believe yours were the best. ;)

    <3 FF

    1. And Village wolf crier- Man we are all so similar. Write when you can, FF :)


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