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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day Ten of Forty- Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad it's Friday? I had to go there. I was teaching all day :)

The man and I have a steaming-hot date tonight...with a glass door.

Our 5 basement doors are getting a makeover. Right now, they all look like this:

I'm hoping one day, they will look like these... (but finished, of course!)

We're starting with the craft room (Woo Hoo!). 

We only bought one door, though. We need to first see if we are capable enough. When I say "capable", I mean "still married." You know the drill...

All we need is this cute man:

and the girl with the camera.

Oh, also a chisel,  a drill,  a circular saw, a sander, a plane, new hardware..etc.

This is going to be fun :)

What are your plans? Do you get traditional weekends off?

However you spend the next two days, get some downtime and enjoy a little peace and quiet, or if you are like us, enjoy the screaming sound of circular saws.

Cheers to the weekend, friends :)


  1. I'm a day late. Your still married, right? Good luck to you both....or should I say, Mark. :P
    I am going to do some gluten-free baking/cooking. Wish me luck. Betty Crockery, I am not.
    Enjoy your weekend, my FF. <3

    1. I'm on my cell, excuse the typos. :S

    2. Yes, still was a crazy day though. Read about it on today's blog.. You have to share any recipes that turn out well for you- we know a lot of people who have issues with gluten. Good luck, friend!

  2. A steaming-hot date it was. Or more precisely, a sweaty one! The results were pretty good. Had to improvise a bit on some things, but overall it looks great. How many more do we have left?

    1. Thank you so much for all you did today. Funny how so many things go wrong in a project. You were a trooper. You still want to keep going? THAT's why I love you, man :) I'll give you a week or two to mull over your decision :)


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