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Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 20 of Forty- Easy Double Chocolate Cookies

Double who? Double what? That's right, girls. Double chocolate CREAM cookies. I know. Lets take a minute to say that aloud. Double.. Chocolate...oh, who cares after that part?

If you are out of your girl scout cookies (Shhh) or if you've thrown out all your sweets in the name of eating healthy (who are you?) or even if you're just craving some cocoa, these are the easiest cookies in the world to make. They may not last long, but if you get the dough out of the bowl and into the oven without looking like you've rubbed chocolate on your mouth the way one would apply lipstick, you are already so much better off than me. Or my 18 year old for that matter. Thank you Good Lord for a daughter who understands the urgency of a good chocolate cookie.

This is what you'll need. Run! Now!

* A box of Chocolate cake mix. Because I have no self control, I bought TRIPLE chocolate fudge cake mix. Yes, the cookies are called Double Chocolate, but come on. I've eaten half the dough so we're already left with something less than that....don't judge. What's a little salmonella in the name of cookies?

* 2 Eggs.  We are blessed to have a beautiful family next door who raise hens. Fresh Eggs. Unless you are a Vegan, rejoice!

* 1/2 cup of oil. I use good old Crisco. You choose. (We are not engaged in a heart-healthy event here.)

* Marshmallow Cream

* Chocolate Sauce. I use Hershey's... I think it's the only brand I know of.

* Some mixing bowls, measuring spoons, wooden spoons, (I like to stir mixes like this with a fork; it's up to you.) a knife to spread filling, a cookie dough scoop or a tablespoon, cookie pans and parchment paper, (Only if you use it regularly. Cookies straight on the pan is fine..) and a cooling rack.

*Oven pre-heated to 350 degrees

Here we go:

1. In a large bowl, mix eggs, oil and cake mix. It will look like dough, not cake batter.

2. When thoroughly mixed, drop by rounded tablespoons onto cookie pans. I fit 9-12 to a pan; depending on size.

3. Bake for 12-14 minutes. Cool for 1 minute on pan, then transfer to cooling rack.

4. In a separate bowl, mix 2 cups of Marshmallow fluff with 1/2 cup of Chocolate sauce. I've been making these so long, I barely measure anymore. Try not to mix in too much chocolate sauce; (you know you want to..) you need the mixture to be spreadable, not spill-able.

5. When the cookies have cooled, spread the chocolate cream on the back of one cookie and sandwich with another cookie.

6. If you want, you can roll them in chocolate chips. Or try different flavors of cake, add mint to the cream, dip them in chocolate, freeze them, add ice-cream instead of marshmallow fluff.. I don't care. Make them however you like. Just make them and tell me what you think.

Makes 24-30 cookies (12-15 sandwich cookies)

Happy, Happy Chocolatey Monday, friends!


  1. I'm waiting for you to bring some over! Char

    1. Anytime, CHar. Just make sure you have your buttermilk cookies ready to swap :)

  2. Looks delicious! I may be going to the store of the ingredients.

  3. How delicious!!! I am ready to make some asap! This is just another example of why I should be living in your house. :)

    1. You are so funny. Get over here and start baking with me; bring that Q with you :)

  4. Being one of the lucky people who got to sample the final product, I give it two big thumbs up! Congratulations on a great treat and on twenty posts. I hope there aren't too many recipes for yummy treats in the next twenty or I am going to need to exercise more.

    1. You better give those cookies two thumbs up. It's hard to share, man! Bahhaha. I'm halfway to forty! How about that? I'm off to bend it like Gumby. I've had enough chocolate for a good hour at least :)

  5. It's a real shame these cookies are gone.. They were so good! Great recipe, truly! I'm sure you and your boys had a wonderful time making them.. You wouldn't believe this, really you wouldn't. But I've had my fair share of chocolate baked goods (I've been employed by well over 30 bakeries and/or chocolate shops) but still, these are BY FAR the best I've ever had. Ever. Cheers to you and yours! Keep on keeping on, Shellybean! You rule! :)

  6. Dearest Alice, Thanks for the compliment (where were you by the way, when the actual baking was going on?) You must share your recipes from that vast employment background. ps. I'm ALWAYS keeping on...<3, Mamacello

  7. Ut oh. I missed this one. And how??? Double chocolate ANYTHING is my fav!! :)
    I think I'm gonna try making these. They look wonderful. I'll let you know how they are....every last one. ;)

    Your FF :)

    1. They turned out really well. I ate so many of them I had to rethink the the yoga pants. In every way :) <3 you

  8. holy cow! thanks for sharing these! i will def be trying them =)
    p.s. i love the winter themed background and title <3


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