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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 18 of Forty- Windy Weather

So you all know how excited I've been for Spring...

Well, today was one of those first gorgeous days I've been dreaming about...The bright sun was glowing, little yellow and purple flowers were showing their faces, and there were people walking and biking happily down the street. It was just warm enough to open a few windows and let the "ick" of winter out. Ahh..absolutely fantastic.

We went outside long enough to pick up some trash and branches that had been strewn about during our very windy winter. We had a super-strong windstorm at the beginning of December. It was so serious that semi- trucks on the highway had tipped over. The university lost a glass wall. Businesses had their signs blown off, light posts were bent and homeowners lost roofs, trampolines and fences. I had never seen so many decades-old pine trees ripped out of the ground. The pine in our own front yard teased us for days as it constantly swayed back and forth. The soggy ground beneath the tree looked like it was trying to spit the whole thing out. The roots must have been holding on for dear life. It is still standing, though we're contemplating having it removed. If that tree does fall, it's not going to end well...

Our family was blessed to end up with most of our trees still standing. Our roof will eventually need replacing, but that's more due to its age than the storm. In a nutshell, compared to many others, we were very lucky...

We did however, lose our fence. It blew over and landed like pick-up sticks all through the yard. The side gate was ripped off our brick house. Looking around today, I still can't believe what the wind chose to take and what to leave.

Spring cleaning will mean a lot of extra work this year, but starting out with beautiful days like this, I am ready for all of it. I really, really am.

One of the semis that tipped over.

Our back fence :(

Another view. Our poor neighbor lost twice as much fencing as we did :(

This was the gate on the side of the house. It ripped completely off the brick, but remained on its frame.

Anyone need some pre-treated wood? Anyone?

Enjoy that Spring-Forward, friends.


  1. Glad you have a positive attitude about spring cleaning because we will have a lot of it this year! Now if we could only get the kids excited about it (at least the older two). As you say, we are very lucky that we had no damage to the house or our trees. It was good to soak up some sunny today and spend time with the family. Thanks shellybean!

  2. I was thinking we should build an add-on to that shed with all the extra wood.. LOL. Thanks for the trip (through the yard of sticks AND to IKEA) :) Cheers to getting the older two to work outside. I like that. A lot.

  3. Wow! What crazy weather we have ALL had this winter...was it winter??? Not real sure. I'm scared to death what nutty weather is going to hit us during spring and summer. I sure hope the tornados stay AWAY!
    So happy your home (and youngest child) didn't end up in Oz! Yikes! The wind has been something else here also. We are surrounded with HUGE trees and I'm afraid that we will end up on the wrong side of one if they happen to come down. I guess we say a lil prayer and play pick-up-sticks after the storms roll through! LOL!
    You guys have fun with that new "theater" of yours and win a game of air hockey for me, shellybean!!
    Love ya guys!!
    Your FF

  4. Nick, I saw tonight that you had tornado warnings nearby. Please, be so careful. Does your home have a basement? Stay safe, girl. I will win an air hockey came (or fifty) for you. Love you!


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