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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 36 of Forty : All that glitters...

"All that glitters is not gold".  Isn't that how the old saying goes?

Let me tell you how that works at our house:

The Youngest: "Mom, you really gave away pretty jewelry on your blog?"

Me: (nodding) "mmhmm. I did."

The youngest: "Please tell me when you're doing that again, so I can try to win some."

Me: "Aw, do you want to give the jewels to the prettiest lady in the world?"

The youngest: "Yep, my teacher would love some of that stuff!"

Me: "You know, there was a time when you thought I was the only girl in the world you would give the shiny stuff to.."

The youngest: "I know. But my teacher has a treat box....And she shares."

Of course she does. Forget about food and shelter, people. It's all about the treats these days. And sharing. Where do kids learn that stuff, anyway?

Happy Wednesday, friends :)


  1. I followed all the rules in that contest and I don't think my name even got put in the drawing. I was probably disqualified for some reason (are employees of shellybean inc. not eligible?). I just wanted to do something nice for my prettiest lady. Guess I will have to try again next time.

  2. Holy Diamonds, that was a quick response. You must have already finished your work...No you are ineligible to win, but thank goodness, you are also privy to my dear friend's jewelry page. She can fill you in on the rest :) Or, you can just keep sweet-talking. That doesn't hurt. <3

    1. Come on ov'a to the DARK SIDE, Mark. It's shiny over here. muhahahaha....... ;)

      p.s. I also give discounts to husbands who spend lots, and lots, and lots of moola! Which, technically you already qualify for. ;)


    2. Hahaha! He might not know he's qualified yet...

  3. Isn't that the way of it? Treats get them every time! I think they'd get me too - especially if it was an apple fritter... oh goodness I'm drooling- :P

  4. His teacher is the good, old-fashioned treat-giving, hugging/loving teacher. I'd giver her jewelry too :) Apple fritters; mmmm!

  5. Yes, I would like an apple fritter! Anywhoo, treats really do take over the mind and levels of loyalty. I would sell Pete for a Starburst and popcorn ball...Just know Jo Jo adores you, but does have the Bonney bloodline which is filled with cookies and peanut butter cups. :)

  6. Ha! Yes ma'am, I do believe most of the Bonneys are full of sugary cream filling :)Popcorn, does it ever end? <3 you girl!


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