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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day Eleven of Forty- Peek-a-Boo!

Well, the good news is ...we hung two of the glass-paned doors today. They are so cute! One went to the craft room and one to the bathroom.

The bad news is... I now have a glass-paned door to a bathroom! What on earth was I thinking? The man had it figured out the first time I mentioned replacing the doors, but must have felt the need to let me "catch on" on my own.

I didn't figure it out at The Home Depot. Either time. We had one of the doors already and picked up the second (and third!) one this morning.

Nope. I didn't put two and two together on the ride home either, when the man asked, "Are you sure you want glass on ALL the doors?"

"Poor man." I thought. He doesn't realize that I want all the doors to match. He just doesn't get my "vision."

 I didn't realize it while the man was sawing the second door using a jigsaw. What's that?  I didn't mention that the circular saw broke after the first door? It did.

No. All I saw in my head were beautiful doors that had little crystal doorknobs; entrances that were going to be vessels of sunlight in an otherwise dark basement.

Genius. I didn't even catch on when the man asked if we should do the room across from the craft room next.

"Um, no. We need to go around the basement, in order!" was all I could say in my very OCD voice. Did he just meet me?

"Okay. It's YOUR money" he said.  I always offer to pay for changes to the house that my husband could live his whole life (happily) without making. Sometimes, it works.

Finally, we hung up the second door; my husband weirdly staring at me the whole time... Then BAM.  I could see everything our bathroom had to offer.

"Oh no!" I said, because apparently the bathroom door had magically become see-thru.

"Mmm-Hmm" said the man in a look that was screaming "I tried to tell you, you crazy woman, but you weren't listening!"

"I figured that maybe you wanted to see everyone's business." he said, shrugging his shoulders. He looked at the door and then back at me and said, "Anyway, YOU are really the only one who uses that bathroom."

What could I say?

The kids came down to see the doors and only the the middle child was brave enough to ask about the "new view" of the restroom. I could see the man doing his "Yes-I-Know-But-I-Just-Want-To-Go-To-Bed" eyes-closed-nod to the other children, who in turn nodded understandingly at their wonderfully-patient dad.

My next project will NOW have to be...bathroom-door curtains. Dang.

I should probably just give up these silly projects altogether. Hmm.

I would like everyone to know however, that I have at least passed on some sa-weet creative genes to the youngest two, who have their designing down to a science. Whew.

Check out this amazing blanket fort:

I DO hope it has a private bathroom.

Happy Saturday, friends :)


  1. If only hanging doors was as easy as building blanket forts! I don't think they have a bathroom in the fort, but if they can spare a blanket, then they can cover the window on the bathroom downstairs and all will be good. I knew there was another shellybean project in there somewhere, so I'm sure the bathroom window will soon have a nice pair of curtains.

    1. We'll see..The blanket thing is an awesome idea..Perhaps one will fit :) I will knock this one out of the park...Maybe :)

  2. All I could see were Rick and I, except I have to get curtains for my bedroom door that looks out to my neighbors, now that I no longer have any trees to screen the view.

    1. Ann, It is great to hear from you!! Thanks for commenting. Where did the trees go? Are you talking about trees that have lost their leaves? I'm pretty new at the see-thru door thing..tell me what you come up with! Until then, no dancing in your underclothes at night! (Unless that's your thing) :) So good to see you here!

  3. Ah yes, now I "see" what you were talking about on the phone. Like I said, Dave and I do NO remodeling projects together. Ever! It's just best. LOL!
    BTW, those blanket forts are awesome! I made a few back in the day. Now why was it my younger brothers always thought it was HI-LARIOUS to jump into the middle of them while I was beneath? Yeah... stupid brothers. ;)
    Sorry I was a day or 3 late responding to your posts. I'm trying to make a website that a "friend" suggested making. Well, we used to be friends..... ;)
    Your FF

  4. Nick, I love your know how it went here :) I don't remember as much about blanket forts as I remember cushion castles. That and sliding down the stairs on pillows..we're lucky to be alive :) Get that website up! I'm excited to see it. We will always be friends. )

  5. Oh wow! Great blog post! Mark is so patient, you are hilarious, Chris and Jonah rule and are SO creative and awesome! Beautiful family, truly!! <3

    Oh yeah, I'm sure your daughter, Alice, is doing just fine as well.. I'm not entirely certain where that hilarious angel child has gone to, but who really cares?

    Sick fort, and I'm so happy you have a new project to make curtains! Definitely post pictures of You, Mark, and the boys all sharing shamrock shakes while assembling and hanging up the curtains in the phenomenally well-made fort your talented children (Chris and Jo) are bound to create! :)
    Keep it classy like a glass bathroom door! ;)

  6. Dearest Brady Bunch housekeeper, you ARE hilarious! You must admit, that fort was AMAZING! One day, I will write a blog post all about you..oh wait.
    My bathroom door is getting removed this weekend and reattached to my eldest's bedroom door. MamaCello is ALWAYS keeping it classy :)


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