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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pattern Review- New Look 6873

Here is a review I wrote for "Pattern Review" of a cute (but very short) skirt.  I love the style, but will have to pass it down to my equally-cute daughter, you know, because she's 18. And well, I am not.

I'm going to try to make another, in a longer version. Till then, here it is.
Yeah, I'm old. No judging.

New Look 6873
View C

Pattern Description: 
This pattern includes 3 different kinds of short skirts, shorts in two lengths and a pair of wide-leg pants.

Pattern Sizing:
I bought the Size A 8-18. I'm a RTW 2-4 on the bottom, so I made the 8

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Very much so.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
There were only 6 pattern pieces total for the skirt I made. (view C). The skirt came together quickly and easily. The steps (drawings) were easy to follow along with..

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love the pockets in the skirt, the wide yoke and the way the skirt flows. I also like having the zipper on the side- It blends in very well with the shape of the skirt. The only dislike I have is that the skirt is a wee bit short. I knew that from the picture; I'm just not a spring chick any more. For a younger woman, this is adorable.

Fabric Used:
I used a cute grey cotton with yellow flowers. I got it at Walmart last year for 2.97/yard. Can't beat that!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I made the pattern without any alterations. I did zig-zag the hem.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I would love to sew this skirt again. For my daughter, the length is perfect. For her mama, I'd have to add a few inches. I would definitely recommend making the skirt- keeping the length in mind. I think I will, however give the skirt a try in a Lycra to fit over my yoga shorts. 

This was a very easy skirt that is perfect for spring. The pockets are wonderfully deep and the yoke is thick enough to lie nicely on your hips without rolling. It comes together pretty quickly. Keep the shorter length in mind. 

cute skirt...

that is really short!!

but I love the pockets!!!

and that it doesn't "ride up" in the back.

Here's the back view where you can see the yoke and side pocket.

There it is. Fit for this lady's 18 year old :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Totally cute and I think you look great in it!

    I like the idea of a skirt like that to pull over yoga shorts. Then it'd be kinda like a skort.

    Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Nicole. I need to find some of that breathable knit for the yoga skirt. I bought the Lycra, but it's going to ride up..I'll let you know how it works out. I bet it would be cute over biking shorts too.

  2. You are a great seamstress and model. The skirt looks wonderful. Your review on pattern review is very well written. Good job!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Christie. Two things. You ROCK TO THE SKY on figuring out "IKEA" , and you just wrote my blog's 1000th comment. Woo Hoo You! What kind of sweets are you eating these days? I HAVE to bring you something for that accomplishment :)

  4. I love this style skirt. I feel bad now saying that I own a few skirts this length and never really thought it was too short. You are a beautiful model and did a great job on creating it. Your write up was very nice, as well. As always, you look gorgeous and lovely.

    1. Thanks K. I always figured you for a "maxi-length" kind-of-girl! Don't feel bad for owning these length skirts. They are Mitten appropriate. Just not Utah appropriate. Plus, if you recall, I have a bottom you could eat dinner off of, so the skirt is a lot higher in the back than the front. Your comments are always so sweet.

    2. I most certainly am the maxi dress kind of girl, but I really do like this type of skirt as well. You can wear it on super hot days or with leggings and a cardigan in the winter. I have found many shirts from the second hand stores that have made my wardrobe choices a bit braver. There is a freedom that comes with paying 2 dollars for a $50 skirt. I think it makes it a little easier to swallow, if it doesn't work they way you hoped it would. Also, I have no idea how I forgot to mention how flipping cute your shoes are. Very nice!

    3. Aha! Thanks, K. You KNOW I am wearing my 4 dollar Lucky jeans as I type. I don't pay full price for anything anymore. Easy for me to say, harder for some to understand. Thankfully, Alex has inherited the "cheap, but still cute" lifestyle. Again, thank goodness.

    4. Oh, and those shoes? Target. Two seasons ago. On clearance. Bam!

  5. First of all, where did you get those LEGS!!!
    YOWZAH! Hot momma!

    Second, that skirt looks perfectly darling on you!! I don't believe it's too short at all. I say, make another for the beautiful daughter and keep this for yourself! Show off those shapely legs! ;)

    Nicole, I love your idea also! Over a pair of yoga shorts would be so cute also!!

    Now....can we do a review about shoes? I LOVE those your wearing!!!! :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

    Your (jealous of your great lookin' legs) FF

    1. Nick Nack, you make me smile. I purposely made that skirt grey to match my legs! Ha! Obviously it's not summer yet. Thanks for the compliment on the legs; but notice that the pics are "far away". How in the world does age sag skin over your knees? Holy Hannah. THAT is why the skirt is "too short". Love you, dear friend!

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  7. Hello Shellybean!

    This blog post was featured on New Look's Facebook page. I will include the link to the page so you can have a look. Please invite your followers to see your post on our page. I hope you continue doing wonderful work and include New Look into your designs.!/newlookpatterns

  8. Thank you very much! I will spread the love..So pleased to be featured!

  9. Shell....
    That is SOOOOOO cute! It is not too short either. You are very talented!! And have a TON of patience =) I do envy you!!
    Sal <3

    1. Thank you Sally. I'm so glad to see you here! Thanks for the comment. You should never envy crazy. ;)

  10. You are so tiny! I thought the skirt was at a cute length, it wasn't to short at all.

    1. Um, God bless you girl! Haha The cottage cheese on the back of my thighs would disagree with the length of that skirt. I love you though!

  11. That is adorable, I have just used this pattern to make the B skirt, like the one you made with pleats but no pockets. Used only a meter of fabric working round a pattern match! Can you see it via this link?

  12. That is adorable, I have just used this pattern to make the B skirt, like the one you made with pleats but no pockets. Used only a meter of fabric working round a pattern match! Can you see it via this link?


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