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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bring on the rain..


Did I, lover of all things sunny really say that? I did!

We've had a bit of rain the last few days, but it's been "helpful" rain. I can see beautiful weather on the horizon and couldn't be happier. Here are a few reasons why I haven't minded this week's precipitation:

1. Yesterday, my friend introduced me to a brand-new craft store that had just opened up. It is super-close AND it carries fabric. The outing was a perfect respite from the dreary weather. Score!

2. Aforementioned friend bought me a Carmel Macchiato :)

3. Aforementioned store carries Carmellos.

4. I was able to watch the cold rain fall and cut out fabric for new summer bags.

5. I've been able to play that silly Draw-Something game off and on with two of my kids, the man and a crazy-good drawing girlfriend. Yeah, you know who you are.

6. I can look up at the new mountain top snow and know that a few of my friends are loving the last-chance skiing.

7. I can look out my own window and see my own lawn greening up beautifully.

8. I dropped off my son at school yesterday, then watched as he ran to hold his half-working umbrella over a very cute girl's pigtails. I could tell that half of his jacket was getting wet, yet knew he didn't mind one bit.

9. I can wear flip-flops AND a cardigan at the same time.

10. I grabbed the paper off of my porch this morning and smelled something wonderful. No, not bacon from the neighbor's. Sweet smells. It wasn't until after work (when the sun was finally peeking through the clouds) that I noticed them. The wonderful scents were from these:

Thank you, rain.

I hope you can find some "beautiful" this weekend, friends.


  1. My sentiments exactly, cutie!

    1. I hope you were able to get in that last-chance ski!

  2. The rain certainly has greened up the yard and brought out the flowers, and this year we really do need the extra precipitation due to the warm winter. Rain is always a good excuse for doing something new or different - glad you found a new craft store and a new source of carmellos.

    1. As long as it doesn't last for days, I'm okay with the rain. Thanks for the sentiment- Watching CNN gives us plenty to be grateful for. We're very lucky to have ANY mild weather. I can't believe what's been going on elsewhere.

  3. Beautiful flowers. Today it is a yucky 81 degrees, and it will be 50 and thunder storm tomorrow...that's the mittin for you. I love the new layout and you know I cannot wait to see the new summer bags. I never really have minded the rain and I so can relate to the joy of wearing both fkip-flops and a sweater. :) Love you!

    1. Thanks, K. 81 degrees? That's too warm for April! Be so safe- I understand the changes in temps, but the storms have been ridiculous this year! I hate to see so much damage. Thanks for the compliment on the lay-out. You know me, always changing SOMETHING. THis is easier than changing out plumbing. I love the pictures you send- Thanks for helping me feel included. I love you so much.

  4. Do tell--where is this new craft store and what kind of crafty stuff do they have?

    I love all of your spring flowers. One of these years I'm going to get my act together enough to plant bulbs in the fall. OK, I know, famous last works.

    1. Nicole, the new craft store is by Smith's, behind the old Hollywood Video. It's an offshoot of Ben Franklin's. They'll honor all the competitor's coupons! They have a bit of everything. I'm going to try to go there before the other stores, just because they're local.

      Spring flowers are beautiful, but are also surrounded by a ton of weeds. I'd like to call it tall grass...yes, that's what it is. Bulbs are on sale at Costco. I love the looks of the flowers, but would love the ease of a rock garden better! Thanks for commenting, girl :)


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