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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Convo with an inanimate object..

Oh, hello crispy apple.

Yes, I know we had a date this morning. Right after yoga, I was going to eat you up. "Be healthy" I said, knowing that I halfway meant it.

But yoga was hard, man. I couldn't get into the groove. It was impossible for me to focus on "letting go", when I knew I had so much to do today...

Regardless, I see you sitting there, all full of juicy goodness... Of course you're lovely. I chose you over that bunch of bananas and plateful of cuties, didn't I?

The thing is, I went to pull crock-pot stuff out of the freezer before my snack. It was then that I saw these:

I suddenly remembered that I had purchased those cute plates last week for a dollar.

Oh, and those cute candle holders for a dollar-fifty...

Hmm? What's that? Yes, I know. I ducked out of meditation for some Pinterest time. It was wrong. BUT I found some cute ideas on there. I had this glue on hand..

and decided to make this.

C'mon apple. You know you and all of your fellow Gala friends couldn't fit on that little plate...

I made some all of the cookies. They were so warm. And gooey. And they fit perfectly on that new creation of mine...

I had some milk on hand. I really can't drink milk with apples. No, milk is better suited for cookies.

What? I hate milk? Oh that's right. While I was making cookies I must have inadvertently also made coffee. Dang. Coffee goes really well with the cookies I just put on another plate. Where did they go? Hmm.

Anyway, little apple. I apologize for not snacking on you. Yes, you would have been the healthier choice, but... I'm talking to an apple. Isn't my mental health a little more in need of fixing right now? I have to be honest and say the cookies were a bit better suited to deal with that problem. I didn't even talk to them. There simply wasn't really any time for us to get to know each other.

But you. Let's see. I do believe I can fit you in somewhere between lunch and dinner...say, 2:30 ish? For now, I'll just put you back with your friends.

We'll meet in a little while..

Hey! Perhaps you can join some other friends. Like cinnamon, sugar, flour and butter... Yes. We'll definitely catch up later in this:

Say, little apple. Would you mind terribly if we kept this conversation to ourselves?


  1. Reason #9,328 on the list of reason's why I love you~ Your nuts just like me. ;)
    ("Nuts" as in, "Do those cookies have nuts???" :)

    For some reason, the entire time I was reading this, I kept thinking about one of my favorite books, "If you give a mouse a cookie".
    Now, what bothered me isn't that your story seemed faintly like a children's story book, but that you were having a discussion with a fruit...
    fruitier than me. :)

    Can't wait for part 2.......

    Love ya, ya crazy FF. <3

    1. THanks Nick, you know how I love your comments! My life is a "Give a Mouse a Cookie" theme. COme over and make some cookies with me, will you?

  2. Reading this just made me smile :)

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. Welcome to the blog; so glad to have you here!

  3. I love this and really did laugh out loud. You made the right choice, cookies are NEVER wrong!!! The cookie stand you made, must have burned off a few more calories. Look at it this way, you broke even and did it with a smile.

    1. Burning off calories with glass glue..I like that. What else can I stick together? Haha! Thanks, girl

  4. I haven't commented yet because I have been waiting for that apple pie. I didn't get any of the cookies, and now I guess I have to give up on the pie, too. That apple and its friends would make one great pie. Did I mention that an apple pie would be nice? Anyways, when are you making the pie? Never give up on the pie!

    1. Yeah, Yeah. You know who you married. I will NEVER give up on the pie :)

  5. @Mark--I now see where our boys get their delight in pie:)
    Best laugh of the day, shellybean! I'm always amazed at your creativity.

    1. Thanks Shan. I spawned a whole family of pie-lovers. Up on deck- strawberry. or lemon. or, well, you get it. :)


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