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Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Who WOULDN'T join the Air Force?"

That was the rhetorical question from the seven year-old today, after he saw a sign in our local Carl's Jr.

We live near Hill Air Force base.  The fast food restaurant is now offering free burgers and sandwiches to all current soldiers and vets.

"Free food AND already getting to know what you're going to wear everyday?...I'm going to join the troops!"
-Question and quote brought to you today by a future Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.

Happy Thursday, friends :)


  1. And those comments were before he ate his burger (and part of his mom's!) I think they have him hooked already!

    1. Who knew it would be our youngest who would pick out a "bargain?" Let's hope he puts more thought into his future endeavors...Maybe we could give free food to anyone who cleans their room?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, C. You know our houses are full of stories... :)

  3. Hooked indeed Mark. Yet, if life were as easy as free food and not having to pick out clothes to wear each morning...well, I would have much more time for eating chocolate.

    1. Mmmm Chocolate. There is something to be said for school/work uniforms. Picking out clothes is hard. Especially when you're choosing between plaids and khakis :)

  4. Love this <3
    You guys have the funniest kids! Who knew? Especially when their parents are so NOT funny people! ;)

    Love to you silly folks!

    Your FF <3

  5. Kids with personality. Who knew? Ha! Love to you and your hilarious children!


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