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Friday, April 6, 2012

Basement Bathroom is Finished!

Well you know, nothing is ever REALLY finished, but for now, we are "DONE!"

As you know, this wasn't our favorite redo. But, I love the finished product and am so happy that we were able to make even the smallest of improvements. One of my favorite parts of this little room is that it reminds me of something I might have found in my great-grandmother's house. Nothing fancy, but not bad at all for a basement bathroom. I'm secretly in love with the "shabby chic" look; even more in love that the plumbing and electricity are working properly...

Here are some before and after pictures. I hope you like feminine, because there will not be any "seats up/missing aimers" action allowed.  Also not allowed: newspaper reading, toilet texting, or using of the "good towels". Yup, it already feels like grandma's...

Before: Green bathroom with water-damaged floor and soggy cabinets.

After- Pink bathroom with "wood-like" laminate floor and pedestal sink.

Before: Medicine cabinet/ Acrylic sink top 

After- Pedestal Sink ($50), Mirror from Savers 4 bucks, baby!

Before- Water damaged floor, moldy baseboards (gross, I know.)

After- Laminate floor,  bigger baseboards, LOADS of caulk

Before- Sink top, faucet

After- Pedestal sink- Lowe's cheapest faucet. I thought it looked retro.

Before- Hollowed out bathroom. This is the floor in its pre-scraping, pre-cursing, pre-crying state. Peeling up the floor and glue was ridiculous. I almost said "Forget-it, use a glue-stick!" Actually, I know I said that.

After- I do love the new floor. It's water resistant. Woo Hoo!

Before- I can't begin to describe what we scraped off the walls, what we had to patch or how much of that old wax ring was missing.....UGH times three :(

After- replaced green board, wax ring AND toilet handle. How cute is that little thing-a-majig? The man almost suffocated me while he was balancing a sink and I was attaching that meaningless handle. I say whomever uses that toilet won't think it's so meaningless..

Before- Our light, which is about to find it's home in another room.

After- This one took some begging. $39 dollars at IKEA. After the man started to cry and scream about it, I gave in. He can have his fancy lighting. This time. Boys.

Before- another pic of the medicine cabinet and wall lights.

After: I liked those lights! We switched the bulbs to crystal shaped ones. They're supposed to last longer. The candle holder on the wall and the mirror were brass. The middle child sanded and painted them for me. 

So there it is. I still have to finish painting the moulding and hang the curtain on the see-thru door, but for now, I'll kick everyone out and take a bath. Or a shower. But I'll do it upstairs because I am NOT messing up this room....yet.

Leave me your thoughts...

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! You guys ROCK! Now, get your behinds to the Mitten State and fix up ours! Seriously.... ;)

    And, I spit coffee reading about the "man's" temper-tantrum over the pretty light fixture.
    Good one, Shel. ;)

    You guys really do nice work. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED Easter my dear friend!

    Your FF <3

    1. You know boys and their tantrums! One chandelier in a bathroom no one ever sees won't kill me, right? HA! I think the man is THRILLED that this is how we spent Spring Break. Have a beautiful Easter yourself, girlfriend :)

  2. Glad we finally got it done - it was quite an adventure! In the process we learned a lot. Especially the parts we did two or three times to get it right :)

    Yes, I pretty much insisted on the light fixture ;). It just doesn't make sense to put all that work into a room and then have a so-so light fixture.

    Good work shellybean!

    1. Plumbing and electrical are definitely not our forte(s). We did learn a lot! I know that wasn't the plan. Thanks for your room gets a Disco Ball.

  3. Love it! You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see it "in person".

    1. Thank you, Janice! You are welcome to visit any time! I love seeing you ;)

  4. It looks beautiful. Congrats on a job well done!

  5. Thank you, Ann! I LOVED your boxed garden area..I can't wait to read more about it :)

  6. Very, very nice! I bet it's a great feeling to be done. Now on to your next project, whatever that may be! Char

  7. Thanks to the girl who bought pink paint with me! That seems like forever ago. No projects on deck for a while..We have electricians coming :( What will you be painting next?

  8. What an amazing transformation! I love it all, from the wood flooring to the new sink. I have been looking for bedding just like the pattern on your shower. I also really like the light fixtures you picked. The lighting sets the tone and feel. Well done and thank you for posting the pics.

  9. Thanks! THat shower curtain was from Target, so I be it wouldn't be difficult to find from their Shabby Chic line, which by the way, is all on Clearance. Yeah, baby! Thanks you for your compliments. We are very happy with it :)

  10. I love the colors, but especially the shower curtain!!!

    1. Thanks Savannah! Those shower curtains are on clearance at Target. 50 percent off. Go!!!


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