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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Day!

Yeah, you read that right. I waited in angst all day yesterday to get tricked by the middle child. Our eldest is on a Spring Break trip, otherwise I would have been doubly nervous. They are pretty sly children, especially when they're given a free pass like April Fool's Day.

The whole day went by with out any silly surprises. Last night I forgot all about it. And then came this morning....Because what good is an April Fools trick if you're expecting it? What better surprise than to wait until April 2nd? Who is prepared for that? Not me.

I woke up to find this on my refrigerator door. Pretty good, eh? All I could think was, "How in the world did he get that nail in there? That door isn't even magnetic!"

The thirsty question on the paper? Oh that was because my joyous son also included the youngest in his pranks, and changed the color of my milk and Oj.

Now, there was no way on God's green earth that I was touching that aqua colored Orange Juice. And I hate milk. Plain milk that is. SO for a short minute I thought, "What if that milk is strawberry milk? What if as a trick to the dairy drink the youngest mixed in that strawberry syrup? He's ALWAYS asking to do that... Yup, that sounds just like him!"

I do not hate Strawberry milk at all; in fact, if milk isn't strawberry or chocolate, I don't touch it.

Being the thirsty, naive 41 year-old me, I drank the tiniest bit of that pink milk. It wasn't until that putrid liquid touched my tongue that I realized my kids could never be that kind. That milk was just milk, and I think it was spoiled. Ick.

The middle child met me in the kitchen with the devilish smile that he wears so well. All I could do was shrug my shoulders, pour the grossness down the sink and speak the words  only a mother who watched too much TV in the seventies would say, "Pretty Sneaky, Sis."

Yeah, I know. He's a boy. He's also a boy who's paying for new breakfast drinks. I will take him shopping with me tomorrow. And I may hold his hand the whole time. Nobody messes with mama :)

Happy Monday, friends !


  1. Those kids! :) I hate milk just as much, no matter the flavor. That OJ is very scary! it looks like one of those vegetable smoothies that those healthy people drink.;P No thank you. How clever of the boys to wait a day. And at least you have a sense of humor.

    1. K, it's a wonder we have bones that haven't disintegrated by now...I've never liked milk..Those boys ARE silly- and completely happy that they tricked their mama :) Good luck, Q is not far behind... :)

  2. I'm still curious: How did he get the nail there?

    1. Nicole- C. bent a nail and put it through the paper. He taped the bent part to the fridge...Leave it to spatially challenged me to stare at it for 10 minutes. He's pretty talented :)

    2. Well done, C., well done! I'm so happy that Gavin has never tried to pull a April Fool's joke on me. I'm so gullible and not at all tuned into that day that I'm sure I'd take it seriously.

  3. Nicole... I am just as curious!
    Or is he now grounded for life and owes you a new fridge?? LOL!
    Good April Fool's joke! Gotta' love boys! :)

    Thanks for the laugh...again. :)

    Your FF

    1. NickNack, Nah, he's only grounded for wasting a bottle of OJ. ;)
      I love watching the boys work together to pull one over on their mom. Its getting easier and easier for them all the time ...

  4. What a neat trick with the nail. I stared at that picture for ever! Your children are just too creative and ingenious.

  5. Yes, the boys did well this year with the April Fool's gags. They were both all smiles all morning so I knew they were both scheming and dreaming up all the things they could do to get a laugh and they had a good time doing it. The challenge this year was their normal target (big sis) was not here so they had to prey on their poor mother. They had some more devious ideas in mind but someone who knows their mother well steered them away from those. The old put a rubber band on the sink faucet gag is always funny but can be messy and I don't think it would have been as well received, even if it was just an April Fool's prank.


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