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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A bad case of the Mondays...

"Is seven too young of an age?" asks the youngest.

"For what?" I ask, nervously.

"For not wanting Monday to come. The weekend went by so fast! I need another day to play." he explains.

The old-school teacher in me wanted to say, "Yes! Seven is much too young! First grade is so much fun and it's almost over! Enjoy it while you can!" (Yes, the teacher loves exclamation points.)

The momma in me wanted to say, "Yes. You shouldn't dread Mondays...but why don't you just stay home instead and bake cookies with me?"

The tired, grown lady in me, the one who spent most of her Sunday nights panicking about Mondays, wanted to say, "No, you're not too young. It's about time you figured it out! Welcome to our club. Now. GO pack your backpack and lay out your clothes. Monday morning comes fast."

At the moment, I use the teacher-explanation. The kid IS only seven.

The eldest child, the middle child and the man all give me the same look. You know. The one that says "Oh, that poor, poor child sure has a long road of Mondays ahead of him.." Yes.Yes he does.

May your Monday go smoothly, friends.


  1. Oh.....let the boy stay home tomorrow..... :)

  2. I know..he went to school today. We did have an agreement, however, that we'd make pizzas tonight. I think that's a pretty good deal for a Monday :)

  3. Is 29-ish too young to despise Mondays also?
    Wha??? Why are you laughing?????? :P

    Happy Monday my FF. ;)

  4. Oh, 29-ish may be too soon, but we have years before we get there! <3

  5. I would have stayed home for cookies! Talk about making Mondays the best day of the week. The pizza was a nice treat!

  6. Next Monday, man. Peanut butter cookies. Schedule your day off now. ;)

  7. So I have learned, a Monday is pretty much the same as a Tuesday, when you are a Mommy. The days pretty much melt together and you only know the day is over because you have fell to sleep on top of a matchbox car and NICjr. is now playing teenage programs. You were right about it all Shel.
    If you even need ask, I would stay home and make cookies with you in a heartbeat. Poor Jonah, 1st grade really can be hard. I know that pizza made everything all better. You are a wonderful Mom.

  8. The days do tend to run together...big calendars are a must here with everyone on their own schedules.. Love your matchbox story Soon, you'll be cursing over LEGOs and headphones..
    I would love it so much if you'd come bake cookies. ANY day. I miss you terribly.


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