The Cool Kids

Monday, November 15, 2010

"You said not to put drinks on the wood...."

Yeah. That would be a quote from the youngest, who in lieu of a coaster, decided to use my iPad.

Again, Not using the coasters. ... That sit on that checkerboard. Inches away...

A few famous "crazy mom" phrases later....and

Whew. We are back on speaking terms. That was close.  Hug your children today, Moms. Just don't do it with your hands around their necks.

Happy Monday, friends. :)



  1. Regarding the beverage sitting on your iPad, I'll share some advice someone once shared with me - "it's only a computer, it's not like you don't have lots of others"

  2. Dear "I-own-every-apple-ever-made",
    Your comment made me smile. Ah, that person (probably some gorgeous woman) was very, very wise... :)

  3. Let's just say, that if I had that sweet lil face sitting at MY table, he could put his drink anywhere he wanted to. Oh, just not on my Kindle. :)

  4. Dear Shelly~ Duh! You must have left your computer there for that reason, otherwise it would not have been there. I love the smile on Johnah!

    Love, Krys

  5. Kindles are not coasters, either!! LOL. Krystine, your family answers like mine. Of course it was there for a coaster! The floor is there for a clothes hamper too, right?? Good luck on the packing!!


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