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Monday, November 22, 2010

Be older, shellybean...

On the grocery list today:
1. Hair Color
2. Prescriptions
4. Oil Of Olay- Regenerist
5. Sensodine toothpaste
6. IcyHOT heating pads
7. Calcium Chews
8. Control-top ANYTHING..

Sadly absent from list:
1. Any hair product from "Goody"
2. Teen Spirit antiperspirant
3. Laffy Taffy/ Jawbreakers/ Solid Caramels..
4. Spicy Salsa
5. Anything with the words "bikini fit" or "mini".

Proudly missing from list-
1. Depends Undergarments
2. Metamucil
3. Assorted hard candies with loud wrappers.

In due time, people......

Happy Monday, friends :)


  1. Can I just say that at least you don't have both acne wash and wrinkle cream on your list. I get to stand mext to all the 16yr olds while searching for the perfect "removes acne in 8 hours" wash. Then I get to wonder over to the other line, surrounded by women who I tell myself are much older than me, while fighting over the under-eye-pump and skin lifter. I won't even allow myself near the candy, because at this point...why push it?

  2. I have a love hate relationship with getting older. I love all the wisdom I have gained over the years and I hate that I can't remember any of it!

  3. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! All I can do is laugh! Probably because I am 30 days older than you. YIKES! Old age...here we come!

    Your OLD "diapered" friend, Nickie


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