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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another normal day at home....

Crazy Me #34-  I have this insane need to put decorations away the day after (sometimes the night of) any holiday. Don't ask. I have no idea why it must be done, it just HAS to. Valentine cards get put away on the 15th of Feb. to make room for St. Patrick's Day stuff.  The Christmas tree comes down on the 26th to make room for New Year's. It's become a habit (and a family joke) and I have no intention of trying to quit. I'm not sure if it's a Utah thing or a teacher thing, but we are always ready for the next celebration....

God bless you if you are still reading this stuff. On a scale of real-world issues, this doesn't even rank. I get that. But you came here, and you're still reading these words, so there's enough blame to go all the way around, isn't there? :)It makes you feel wonderfully normal, doesn't it? Well,  I proudly have this kind of crazy down to a science. I start in the kitchen, move on to the hallway,  get stuff from the bathroom (don't ask), scan the living room and finally, finish up the front door and porch. By keeping this routine, I am able to grab everything, put it in a plastic box, take it down to the storage and grab the next one. I ask everyone to take one last look before I go down there because once it's down, it's not coming back up until the day after it's previous holiday. :)

As you can guess, On November 1st, the Halloween stuff came down to make room for Thanksgiving. Carved pumpkins got chucked and anything black/orange got packed away right along side the cobwebs. (I'm talking about the ones we put up on purpose.) Turkeys are now up where the skeletons were. Acorns are scattered where tin foil bats use to be. It's as lovely as it's going to get. So imagine my surprise when I go to set the table this afternoon and glance at this. A week later.

Say what? We had meals at this table! How on earth (no pun intended) did I miss this? I practically live in my kitchen and never noticed. I live with four other humans who must have walked by it countless times. I'm losing even more of my mind.

Somewhere deep down, I now have fears of my family waking up on Christmas morning and seeing Easter baskets and American flags instead of a tree. It could happen, people. Sanity is fragile. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends.


  1. Oh how you make me laugh....out loud!
    You crazy thing, you! But, alas..I do the same thing. Everything comes down right after the holiday to make room for the next. To my surprise, I forgot a skeleton and a mummy in the windows facing our deck. I walk past them hundreds of times! Just never noticed them. oh well, they came down last night. No harm done. LOL!
    Keep these blogs coming, chick! You make me laugh and smile. I need that sometimes. :)
    Love your old neighborhood stalker, Nick

    ps. I can't wait to see the pics of your beautiful children on Christmas morning, holding sparklers, dipping eggs, all while Santa passes out Valentine's. Maybe that could be the NEW family tradition??? hmmmmm........ ;)

  2. That comment, Nick Nack, is why you are my Forever Friend :)


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