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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White Trash Comment of the day...

"I don't know if I would have opted for the glass-top stove if I knew I couldn't make Jiffy Pop on it.." quote from yours truly, who was devastated at today's finding.....

Happy Happy, blessed Thanksgiving, friends :)


  1. So true! I just recently found out too (after I had bought two of them). Guess I'll have to ask Hubby to put them on the grill!
    I have also been having cast iron skillet withdrawals since the purchase of my glass top stove - whats next???

  2. HA!
    You and your "rich people" problems. LOL! ;) <3

    Your original WT (whit trash) Friend, NickNack

  3. Dear Original W.T. friend-I LOVE YOU!!! @sharon- TWO stoves? How big is your house? Sending you both my love :)

  4. LOL - 2 Jiffy Pops (I bought the double pack for double the fun!) - We ended up making them at my mother's on her gas stove - how funny was it to walk in for a visit and say "We really came over to make popcorn" :) She got a kick out of making them too. Ahhh...the days before microwave popcorn...

  5. Sharon- I just had the biggest laugh of my life on that one. I was thinking to myself, "Two Stoves? WoW!" It has been a loooong week. Thanks for making me smile :)

  6. I was thinking two stoves, too!


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