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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is in that GORGEOUS bag?

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Well, the holidays are in full swing and I don't know about you, but I am already exhausted! November was all kinds of busy and December promises to be even more so. March must be one heck of a romantic, BarryWhite, get-it-on kind of month, because December yields us the largest crop of family and friend birthdays in all the land. Add Christmas and New Year's Eve into the mix, and you've got one heck of a strewn-out party. In fact, the poor husband shares his birthday with our family's famous "New Year's Eve Party". The very last day of the long year. By that time, people are sick of singing, wrapping gifts, smiling, blowing out candles and eating anything that comes on a cracker, platter or a toothpick. Bless his heart, he always gets the short-end of the stick... But enough about him.

Seriously though, I wanted to take a second before the holiday rush and thank everyone who has supported the Artfire Shop this year. I have had the best time designing, sewing, and selling my bags both in the shop and from the home studio. Business was better than I ever imagined and I feel blessed to have worked with so many of you. I'm not sure when I'll get to replenishing the store again, but I did want to share one of my new designs with you. Before going through the trouble of naming, listing and pricing the new bag I said to myself, "It's the holidays, why not give it away?" and then I said, "But, I love this bag, maybe I should keep it."And then I said, "No, someone will love this bag. If they don't want it, they could always give it away as a gift.." And then the husband asked, "Why are you having a conversation with a tote-bag?" Unto which I shook my head in disgust and let him know that it's a handbag, not a tote. Silly man.

So. would you like a free HAND-BAG? I'm giving this one away.

 It is one of my favorite designs so far. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you don't like it, for heaven's sake DO NOT enter the drawing. If you DO like it,  leave a comment below. I want to know 3 things. What two items are in your purse at all times and what is the weirdest thing in your purse right now. Be honest :) If you are leaving a comment as an anonymous person and want to be entered in the contest PLEASE list your real name or e-mail at the end so I know who to contact. You have until 8 o'clock this Friday to enter.  BTW, if you win this little baby, you get to name her design for the store. Yay!!

I'm leaving the 1st comment as an example for the drawing. No, I'm not eligible. Or am I? I'll have to talk it over with myself and get back to you..... :)

Good Luck, Friends :)


  1. 1. wallet
    2. lip gloss
    3. A Harmonica. No joke. It's my son's (Uh huh!)
    Your bag is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my whole live-long life. LOL :)

  2. I want this beautiful bag!!! Please pick me! PLEASE! :)

    Kimberley Lawrence

  3. Please pick me, so I can make my wife happy.

  4. I dont have a purse but I am facinated by your wits and your fashion sense.I just want you guys to come back to Michigan again so we can go out to dinner again,and this time maybe go for drinks and some live music.SO I CAN SEE THOSE UTAH MOVES (BACK IT UP SHELLYBEAN)

  5. In my Shellybean purse at all times:

    1. Wallet
    2. Gum wrappers- the little ones eat it and leave the wrappers so I won't notice my gum is gone.

    The weirdest thing right now (and at all times):
    Dental floss- I'm an obsessive flosser. Torture to me is eating without flossing.

    This bag is gorgeous and if it's not against the rules, I'd love to win this one. It looks nice and roomy for all the stuff I accumulate.

  6. 1. My checkbook
    2. Coins
    3. Pens
    Love the purse! Great job!


  7. Um... for one thing I'm inlove with this bag and I've been dying for a new Shellybean. bag.

    1st thing always in my purse is lotion,
    2nd thing always in my purse is my 3 yr old, stained victorias secret make-up bag- which is odd because I hardly ever wear make-up (and this bag is more full of tampons, painkillers and "just-in-case items" than make-up.)
    And the oddest thing right now is a half eaten chocolate. I'm not kidding. I can show it to you. I only had time to eat half of it or none of it, and in the short desperate time I had snuck back to my locker at work, half was better than none.

    Please pick me. :P

  8. 1. Wallet
    2. Blistex

    The weirdest item right now... A paper fan... you never know when you'll feel a little faint and need a fan to cool off.

    This bag is so beautiful, and, if I may be so bold, no one would give it better home than me. Your work is so wonderful, and I get many compliments on my Shellybean bag. I love seeing your bag every day, it reminds me of you, and brings me crazy amounts of joy.


  9. 1. Cell Phone
    2. Wallet

    3. Weirdest core. Yep. I have kids, nothing more to say. why I should win this truly awesome shellybean bag??? Three reasons....

    1. I'm just as white trash as you.

    2. My other shellybean bags are lonely for a new friend.

    3. You have known ME and loved ME the longest!! Okay...except for your sister, but a blood relative, does she count in this??? LOL!! All is fair in love and war....Love ya Kimmi!!!!

    There ya go....just send me the bag, already! ;)

    Love ya, Nick

  10. Let's see...

    1. Sunglasses
    2. TicTacs
    3. Coupon for 75 cents off baking powder. :)

    Lovely bag and I would love to show it off!

  11. 1. finger nail clippers
    2. $1.67 in change
    3. 10 cherry chapsticks (my lips are so dry and I couldn't find my chapstick so I went to the store and bought 10 of them so I could place them around the house and use one when ever I am in need instead of always saying to myself.."dangit, I wish I could find my chapstick". There is nothing worse then sore chapped lips and not being able to find the chapstick! Now I just need to get then out of my purse!)

    I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck :)

  12. I didn't plan to enter, just wanted to say how beautiful this bag looks! You have a remarkable talent and sweet spirit which shows! I plan to purchase my first bag soon as a gift for a "little" someone special. Good luck to all who enter! Love you, Shellybean :)

  13. Wallet and receipts from all the shopping I've been doing lately. Weirdest thing-it a toss up between the pen that lights up and croaks or the fact that I have 20 pens with a pencil sharpener (no pencils)

    As always you have out done yourself with this one. Shellybeans are such a great gift this time of year. You buy gifts for everyone under the sun, Shellybeans are the gift to buy for yourself to reward yourself for all of your kindheartedness. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Everytime someone stops you to ask about your bag you get the moment to say "It a Shellybean exclusive. You haven't heard of Shellybean bags? Where have you been hiding yourself?" MWelling-Bonney

  14. Thank you wonderful ladies for entering. I love reading your comments and I can't wait for the next contest. :)

  15. Gee some how I missed this darn! But you are a great talented! love ya. Happy New Year! lol



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