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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our secret family members.....

I often write about my busy husband and our three spirited children. I like to include them in my posts because they are so vital to everything around me and, well, let's be honest. They are the reason I get to have things to write about; both good and bad.

I realized that I haven't quite introduced you to every one. Somehow I've forgotten to mention our sixth and seventh family members.. Uh, I'm not quite sure how to describe them. If I'm allowed to be frank, (of course I am, it's my stinking blog) I'd have to say that we don't get along. At all. I haven't even come face to face with these relatives, but I hear about them every single day.  You might be asking yourself, "How could a mom NOT love someone who lives in her home?" The answer is because those two just don't make it easy.....

On any given day, they:

1. stuff laundry down the chute AFTER I brag that I've finished 5 loads.
2. pump the hand-soap bottle at least 8 times, catching only one of the squirts. This results in puddles of grossness all over the sinks.
3. eat all of something, yet leave the empty box or bag-of-hope for a hungry someone-else to discover.
4. do not flush the toilet. (oh yeah, I'm going there..)
5. don't replace the empty roll of toilet paper. Ever.

You'd think I could calmly speak with them about these issues, but they never listen. I won't allow them to sit with us at dinner or come with us on vacations. Yet, like I said, every day someone mentions them. In fact, family members tattle on them all the time.

So, with a wee bit embarrassment,  I introduce you to our other relatives, "Wasn't-Me" and his twin, "I-Don't-Know". Perhaps you've met. Do they sound familiar?  Maybe they've visited you. I hear they often hang around with those other thugs, "Somebody-Else's-Fault" and "I-Didn't-Know-You-Were- Talking-to-Me". They're nothing but trouble, I tell you...

Don't worry, though. I can usually get those ALL of those monsters out of my house.  I just introduce them to "Uh-Oh-Mom-Is-Crazy-Mad!"..... Oh yeah. Now SHE and I get along just fine.....

Who else lives in your house?

Happy Almost-Friday, friends!


  1. This post really made me laugh. Also, a little something inside was weeping at the thought that it's only going to get worse the older Quinn gets. So you're telling me it doesn't end with sticky handprints on everything, marker on the walls and cats being placed in the dishwasher? Doh!

  2. Dear Beautiful anonymous sister,
    Thank you! Yes, there IS a lot of naughty coming up, but none of it compares to all the hugs, kisses and "I love yous" you'll be getting. Cat in the dishwasher? You are making some memories, girl!!

  3. How is it possible that they can live with far away...and also with me, here???? Tricky lil devils! Actually, I'm married to "I-Didn't-Know-You-Were-Talking-To-Me". And my weekend lover is "You-Didn't-Tell-Me-That". I'm about to trade them BOTH in for "Anything-For-You-Darlin" IF I can find him. Let me know if he's living out west. I'll come visit in a heartbeat. ;)

    Your Forever Friend. <3

  4. Hey F.F., if you find that guy, see if he has a brother. LOL :)


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