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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Orange you glad to use the restroom while I wash my delicates?

What the? Yeah, I know. But there isn't really any other way to introduce our main-floor bathroom. It is both the go-to bathroom for EVERYONE and the laundry room..

Because you can see it from our entry way, I have to worry about clean toilets AND keeping laundry baskets off the floor. I check for toilet paper rolls AND underclothes hanging out of the laundry chute.

I wanted to update the walls, the mirror, the lighting, and have a place to hide all my laundry junk. I also wanted to try a dark color. I fell in love with a curtain I saw last spring from Target. A trusted girlfriend encouraged me to try and paint the room a color from the favorite color was best described as a bright pumpkin. I love dark colors, and only a few rooms in my house get enough sun to pull off such a color. The paint is called "fall leaves" and the Lowe's lady actually had to remind me that the color was not returnable. Oh ye of little faith.....

So here it is. I figured the pictures can tell a better story. I do love it. I realize it's different, but.. again. Whose blog are you reading?

And to answer the question of at least two of my family members...No. I will not be changing the color when winter arrives. I'm not that motivated! ...but now that I think of it, I've ALWAYS loved a nice Icy Blue....

Bathroom before (laundry on left)

After paint with curtains "hiding" laundry

After... Etagere from Target :)
Old mirror and reflection of my classy laundry!

smaller mirror, reflection of laundry..
Old lighting and mirror. Paint chips were so intimidating!

New lighting (Costco). We're economical (cheap, people)!

Do you like it? Is orange a ridiculous color for a restroom? How about a laundry room?

Happy Friday, friends :)


  1. I love the orange! You have inspired me. I think I will go withh a similar color for my new bathroom :)

  2. That orange is catchy. I love it. The etagere and new light fixture make the room for me. Good work, shellybean!

  3. Okay. Super scary....I bet this is the SAME color orange I have on one wall in my living room. Yeppers, one wall. Hard to explain, but it works. Also, I have a curtain covering my laundry area....from Target. Seriously, do we have different parents? ;)
    BTW, the orange ROCKS! I also have a love of dark colors, and orange and red are my favs. The next color for the living room area is probably going to be a cranberry/reddish something. I have a washcloth that I want to take into Low's to have them match. Just haven't made that jumped yet!
    You really should get paid for your interior design ideas, just saying...... ;)
    Love ya! Your Forever Friend

    1. Nick Nack, we have the same taste in colors? Shocking! Haha I love the idea of cranberry. Those deep colors are amazing. So are you!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I think orange goes with every season. I love everything you did to the room!

  5. LOVE the orange - and I'm usually pretty conservative.

    1. Thanks! It was a risky color, but I have been really happy with it.

  6. Love the orange ! Perfectly peaceful!


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