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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Stuff... Talk to me.

As most of you know, I need more than a little bit of help (in the form of an IT guy or a five-year old) when it comes to computers. So I'm going to list a few things that may have come up for you (and me) with this blog. As always, thanks for baring with me as I'm apparently quite-the-slow learner :)

1. If you have been getting an overload of e-mail notifications from this blog, it's because I have it set up so you will be notified every time I post. Apparently, some of you are also getting notified when I EDIT my posts. Unfortunately, if I find a mistake, or remember something else I wanted to say, I edit the post or add something else to it. Some of you are getting 5 notifications on the same post because this author cannot make up her mind/is insecure/is insane/over-thinks things/is too judgmental of herself/..See?

2. Some of you are both "followers" of the blog AND entered your e-mail in the Feedburner box. If so, you may be getting two notifications. I am so sorry. Let me know and I can remove you from one or the other.

3. Some of you may have decided that this is NOT the blog for you and wish I'd just leave you alone. That is understandable. The next time you get a notification, simply go to the bottom of the message and hit "unsubscribe". No offense will be taken. Out loud any way. :)

4. Some signed up to receive the blog, but are not getting notified. Holy Hannah! Who knew? The man says you have to go through the process to become a follower. Hopefully you know what that means. All I know, is that you get a cute little box (with your picture if you'd like)  and I get to feel like I have friends. Kidding...kind of...

5. You may have just happened upon this blog and for the love of all that's good, all you wanted to do was read something funny; not a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I understand that too. You might like to tell me that you got a chuckle out of one of my stories or hated that I didn't use the correct punctuation on something. If that's you, man are you in the wrong place. Anywhoo, the Guestbook box is for you. Find it on the page and tell me that you came by.

6. You might be a stalker from the neighborhood (or nearby area) who simply wanted to stop by and see if I really am as crazy as you've heard. (The answer is a resounding YES.) That's okay too. Sign in the Guestbook and leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

7. ALWAYS feel like you can leave a comment. Old post or new. I love to hear from my readers and know that you are out there somewhere feeling as imperfect as me :)

8. You just wanted to read my blog and want to be left alone. No biggie. That describes me most days. Ignore all of the above.

I'm going to figure this blog out.  Eventually.  In the meantime, I'm hoping most of you are enjoying my posts and will stick around for a bit longer :) Drop me a line and give me some ideas about what you'd like to read about. At the most, I'll give it a try. At the least, it will give me something to make fun of for a day or two.

Have a beautiful day, friends :)  ( I'm off to edit BEFORE I hit publish. Imagine...)


  1. be might become addicted to blogging!

  2. Krystine, I could NEVER keep up with you! You rock :)

    Anonymous from Roma, Welcome! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hello you crazy beautiful lady, you!

    I soooo enjoy and look forward to reading your blog! If you stopped writing it, I would be forced to come visit just so I could hear all your family life tales. Yes, this is a threat. ;)

    Your friendly (old) neighborhood stalker. AKA Your Forever Friend


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