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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is the first day of the rest of your life 2011.

Have you set your goals, resolutions, and other shiny promises for the new year yet? So much pressure for the first day of January.

My reality? Well, let's see.

-The kitchen is a disaster from our 2 parties yesterday. The resolution for a tidier house will have to wait.

-The husband and I are in our sweats. Not from exercising, but because we are too lazy to get dressed.
Our promise to stay fit will have to wait.

-We are watching our 3rd football bowl game (so far) of the day, so our goal to watch less TV in 2011 will also have to wait.

-Eating healthier? The leftover chips, sauces and dips from New Year's Eve aren't going to throw themselves away.....

Oh well.  There are two days until Monday.  By then, I'll be ready to get back life and all that goal setting business.  Until then, I think I'll spend the weekend celebrating the present blessings that surround me. Left-over birthday cake, cheese and crackers, flavored coffee, and oh yeah, my family. And dark chocolate.  Amen.

Happy New Year and weekend, friends :)


  1. love it. I am jelous, I want a day in my sweats! That will be my goal this year to have at least one day a month in my sweats, no phone, no email, no answering doors...just relaxing eating chips, chocolate and doing what ever I want! Thanks for inspiring me :)

  2. Oh Krys, let me know if you ever get the chance :) LOL A mom needs a day like that every once in a while <3

  3. New Years= Slim fasts and celery sticks!! LOL. Yet another great post from a great Blogger! :) I would be very grateful if you visited my own blog, and left a few comments or two on my progressive weight loss, and some of my great 2011 crafts. I must advise you.. You might see a post titles "Muffin Pops", but you can feel free to skip over that post.. It was just a last minute Idea that came to me.

  4. That was, by far, one of my favorite comments. Thank you, John Doe. If you ever come up with muffin pops, I would love the recipe. Until then, get your homework done!!


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