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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't judge a book by its blogger.....

Happy Saturday!

Okay, a little more on the book sharing. See that cute bookshelf on the left-hand side of my blog? That is where I have listed the books I've read and am getting rid of. I'm using Shelfari because you can scroll your mouse over the book and get a short review of it. If you're interested in a book, please let me know. I'd be happy to send it to you. If a certain book has been on the shelf for a week, I will take it off and donate it to our local shelter.

You can reach me by-
-commenting on the blog
-writing me on Facebook
-writing on the shellybean. page on FB
-email me at
-knock on my door and bring some chocolate

the last option may get you more than one book :)

There are certain books that are not appropriate for every one's taste. As I stated before, I read EVERYTHING :) As you can see, there is a bible study book and a book that is about as opposite to bible study as one can get. I loved them both :) Please review the book to see if it suits your taste.

Happy reading, friends :)


  1. Shelly,
    I would love this one, "The Bucolic Plague: A Memoir of a Midlife Farmer" Let me know how I can get it from you. Love your beautiful sis. :)

  2. It's yours. I'll send it out this week. You will love how Josh Purcell writes...Do you watch their show? It's adorable. His partner is a doctor who worked for Martha Stewart and he (Josh) is an ex-drag queen. I love their story.

  3. Good morning Shelly, If you still have it, I would love to read The Lovely Bones.. Have a Great Day!


  4. Brenda, it's yours. Email me your address. The book is really good, just a little haunting.... Enjoy!!

  5. Thank you so much shel. Also, what a wonderful idea...sharing your books what a geat way to recycle! I look forward to reading this and will pass it along to others. Love you sis.


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