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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mitten Love...

That's what my brother sends me from my home state of Michigan every time we speak..In return, I send him love from the mountains...Aw, sift through the cheese if you must..

I wanted to share a ridiculously easy way to make yourself a pair of mittens. If you've been reading the blog long enough, you know that I can hardly match up a pair of socks, let alone mittens. We are infamous for losing anything that comes in a pair. If you're ever in the need of an orphan anything, I probably have its match.

Anyway, if I had to choose between mittens and gloves, I would choose mittens every time. I think they're adorable. You can still drive, shovel and hold hands with them. You can give a cute open and close wave with them as well as NOT get shot by showing certain fingers to people who cut you off on the highway. Again, it looks like a cute wave instead of a bad gesture and isn't that safer for everyone?

The husband had an old sweater that had a huge snag-turned-hole in the front. I loved the color and like I said, I am always in need of new (matching) mittens...

Do you want some? Grab an old sweater!

You'll need
Sweater, paper, scissors, pins, sewing machine or thread and needle and buttons or ribbon for decorations, if desired.

1. Lay sweater flat on the floor, inside out.

 2. Trace a really cute mitten around your hand on a piece of paper. If you're smart, you'll make two. If you're like me, you'll lay the pattern and realize you actually have two hands and have to search somewhere for another piece of paper, finally getting mad and using an ad from the newspaper.... Since you're using the wrist part of the sleeves of the sweater for the sleeves of your mittens, you can set the pattern just above those...
3. Pin the pattern and cut around it. I have to make a straight cut first because I'm a lefty and it's easier that way. I use any crutch possible....and lefties are also AWESOME, so I'm throwing it out there for pure rockstar purposes :)
4. You will automatically have a back and front for each mitten. I then take them to the sewing machine and zigzag stitch twice around the edge of the whole thing (obviously not the sleeve opening)..The zigzag lets the mitten stretch without ripping. Flip them right side out. What?? They're so cute!!
5. Now, they're not as beautiful as crocheted/knitted/bought-at-a-boutique mittens, but they are functional, warm and for now, a matching set.
What do you think? If you'd like, for extra warmth, you can also line them with fleece. They're also fun to decorate, if that's your thing...
I can make them cute....
or I can demand spring...
Truthfully, I like them plain. What I really need is one of those strings tied to both mittens and stuck through the sleeves of my coat. Hey, I'm not above that!

So there it is. A cute little mitten project to try out since there doesn't seem to be any end of winter in sight. Whether you live in the mountains OR the mitten state or somewhere else that requires covering of the hands/body/feet/face...stay warm and cozy, friends.

Oh, and for those of you who ask where I lived in Michigan? That's easy....

Happy Monday, friends :)


  1. :)
    Seriously? Could you be any cuter with your homemade mittens??? Adorable. I might be making a few pairs of mittens myself this week. I'll let you know how I do.
    I'm really not quite as crafty as you. But I lose pairs of things all the time also. Speaking of which, where the heck is Zander??? Oh well, he's probably okay.....

    Oh and hey! I live real close to that star! Coincidence? I think not! LOL!!

    Thanks for the cute idea, chicky!

    Love, Your FF

  2. I love this idea. You can use the kids old sweaters to make ones their own size too. The possibilities are endless. Gotta go, craft room is calling. MWB


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