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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the trophy for "Worst Mom In the World" goes to....

"Mom, I'm gonna say something and I don't want you to say, 'What do you want?' " states the youngest, cuddling close to me on the floor.

"Okay" I say, half listening..

"I love you."


Award given and received.

I'd like to punch all who made this proud moment possible....

But there's just me.


To a better tomorrow, friends :(


  1. very cute. Aren't you glad you are writing these things down?

  2. Well Jo Jo is just a sweet little man and you really shouldn't feel bad. I'm sure most of the time you are simply getting constant requests for another juice box, some thing all together different then what you've just made for dinner or maybe even "Mom, can you take me to so and so's house...but remember to hide your face...I'd just die if my friends saw me with you"! You are doing a wonderful job and have been for the last 17 years.
    I would also like to add that I fell over my 22 month old's monster fire truck today, burned my had while making his lunch, picked up an entire gallon of milk he poured on the floor (and on top of Oscar), took a blow to the head from a train he chucked at me and finally fell up the stairs while fetching a stuffed dog named "scout". When all was said and done, I cuddled Quinn into his bed, sang him to near sleep...and as I walked towards the door, I heard my perfect son utter... "wuv you dada"! Right!!! As so it goes. We do the very best we can, even if they don't remember who we are. Love you! :)

  3. K, I wish I would have noted more positive experiences!! Dear sis, you made my week with your comment. I'm so proud of you, strong momma!

  4. Although it may seem disappointing now, these are some of the most precious moments you'll be glad you documented. I'm sure you are a great mom, as well as a craft-creator. You inspire me! I just want you to take each one of these moments and tuck them away in that deep realm of memories we call the sketchpad of life. You will always be grateful that you had that little push of doubt that helped you keep balance on this crazy path we call every day life. Keep on Blogging and being who you are! I enjoy every word of this post! :) :)

  5. Sketchpad of life? Please cross stitch that on a pillow and put it on all of your dentist chairs. Where do you get your humor from? I think I shall make you a guest blogger, favorite child :)

  6. Tried to write on 'follow me home' and it wouldn't let me. I will just tell you as for the article-and the award for worst mother of the year... I read what you wrote and your sister. You both have a very different perception than any on...e who has watched you with your children. You and Kimmi are amazing parents. You have molded your children into people you can be proud to know. You have taught them, cried with them, bandaged them, guided them, corrected them and the list goes on. Both of you and your husbands live and breathe for the children. They are your priority in all you do and it is evident in the intelligence, confidence and creativity that they exude. Kimmi hasn't been doing it as long but I'll tell you what, she will give you a run for your money for mother of the year. She has no idea what a great mother she is. Quinn is amazing because of her and Pete and all the time, tears, energy, and love they bestow on that angel. I would have to say its a tie for Best Mother of the Year. You sisters will have to share the title. MWB

  7. Thank you Mary. Your words are always so kind. Thanks for seeing the good in people. It's unfamiliar ground for some :( We love you very much :)


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