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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Funny quote of the day...

"On a scale of 1 to black-belt, I'm pretty much a black-belt point five."- Quote from our ever-humble eldest child, bragging about her ability to blitz in Madden Football. I'm not sure she really knows what a blitz is. Or who Madden is.......But you've got to love the confidence :)

Happy Wednesday, friends :)


  1. A black-belt point five? And where/how do you wear half a belt? Is it like a necklace or braclet?

  2. I believe it is a bedazzled nose ring.... :)

  3. HOLY BUCKETS!!!! I'm sure your eldest knows what a blitz is, and could define it easily, without any doubt in tone. Other than the frequent doubt and extreme underestimation, nice post. Thanks for guiding me home.. I miss you and enjoy the tremendous amount of joy your posts bring me each and everyday. Your humor is the light of my life, and has inspired me to better my own blogging skills.
    Thanks for now, Shellybean :););)

  4. Oh dear eldest- First of all, Hahahahaa. Second, please forward the name of afore -mentioned blog. I'd Love to leave a comment or six. Regardless, I'm glad I light up your life.. I do what I can. =)

  5. Wow,
    I have nothin' Shel. That girl of yours is good....just don't tell her I said so.
    I gotta say, the sarcasm is a perfect combination of two lil girls that I know and remember fondly from the block.

    p.s. Please don't show my youngest daughter any bedazzled nose rings. She'll run right out and buy one! Thanks kindly. :)

    <3 Nick

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