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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cake on a stick?

Who knew, right? Well, so it happens, many many people in the blogging world are talking about these cute little treats. One of the best, whom I believe coined the phrase, "Cake Pops" is Bakerella. If you want to see talent on a sucker stick, stop by her website and be amazed.

Living in Utah, which HAS to be the craftiest place put upon the earth, I've seen these done a million and two ways. People are so creative it's borderline nauseous. Or maybe I'm jealous. Who can tell?

Anyway, for those of you who don't have a lot of time to check around, I'll show you the basic recipe.  These make nice individually wrapped snacks, neighbor gifts,  or if you're the husband, dessert. Remember, if you are looking for gorgeous, amazing cakes on a stick, type "cake pops" into Google Images. Then, try to refrain from laughing at my orphan treats. While giggling though, remember that they all taste fantastic once they're stuffed in your face. One at a time, friends. That is advice from experience :)


-Cake Mix, any flavor.
-1 can of pre-made frosting
-3 eggs
-Oil and water (as directed on cake box)
-Sucker sticks (baking section of any craft store. I found mine at Michaels.)
-Meltable candy discs or chocolate bark.
-sprinkles, anything you'd decorate cookies or cupcakes with :)
-Styrofoam block/ box with pre-stabbed holes (to stick cake pops in when drying)
-cake pan, mixing bowl, cookie sheet, wax paper

1. Bake cake according to directions on box. Let cool completely.
2. Break up cooled cake into a mixing bowl. Stir in 1 whole can of frosting.
3. Mix until the consistency of cookie dough.
 4. Roll into balls and set onto a cookie sheet that will fit into your fridge. I always forget this part and end up using non-Utah approved words. Using wax paper saves a trip into the dishwasher....
 4. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes.
 5. Melt chocolate bark or candy discs according to package in the microwave.
6. Dip one end of sucker stick into the bark and then into a cake ball. You may want to only take out a few from the fridge at a time. Trust me, the cake works so much better cold...

 7. Swirl the cake pop into the melted chocolate, then stand up the pop on a piece of Styrofoam to dry. I don't have a picture of this step. Let me warn you, it is VERY messy. Chocolate will drip, you will try to lick it off your fingers, it will stick to your lips, along with the bits of cake you shoved in before...Ah yes, now I recall why I didn't take any photos...
8. Decorate those little suckers (literally) before the coating dries. (About five minutes). Reheat any coating as needed.. Dip them in toffee bits or sprinkles. Helpers ALWAYS make the job more fun. Especially when they do the cleaning up :)
 9. Wrap individually, or stick in a mug. The coating is hard, the inside is chewy-gooey deliciousness. A lot like a petit four. I'd like to tell you the shelf-life of these little babies; but you've met me, right? Nothing lasts long enough to go bad here...evah. ;)

 Have you made these before? Let me know how you do it. Enjoy!!

Happy Tuesday, friends :)


  1. I've never tried these, but it looks like a project the kiddos and I could do. Thanks!

  2. Oh how I would of loved to have made these back when we were dirtying up Penny's kitchen some time in 1982. I've never made cake pops, but I have made brownie balls...very similar. But not on a stick. How yummy. Gotta try these. =)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I am going to try them. I have never seen them (it must only be a utah thing?)

    Love and Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks gals. I hope your holidays were wonderful!!

  5. WHOA! Cake on a Stick? Brilliant! Wow. Your tremendous amount of skill and talent never seems to cease. I never know what to expect next, and then BAM a Blog updated is sent to my cell and my day is immediately. Your creative ideas expand my horizons, and take my everyday simple Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels to new, undiscovered heights and possibilities! AH. Your are a very blessed woman, Shellybean!!
    P.S. that's a great picture of you and your boy decorating those AMAZING cake pops! :)

  6. Alright brilliant daughter,
    I do believe it's time to lock up the comments box.... :) I love you anyway :)

  7. Um, also..if you read the post you would remember that I said I didn't take a picture of myself. Sorry, chicklet. It's all on you. Kisses!!


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