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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas by numbers..

Hello friends,

I hope you're enjoying the spirit of the season. We're looking forward to the whirlwind of activities the next few weeks will bring. I hope the holidays find each of you well and at peace.

Now, onto some silly Christmas-by-numbers (in descending order) at the shellybean house...

146. The number of things I SHOULD be doing instead of posting on this blog.

15. Number of shirt boxes that have either tops or bottoms, but no partner. Similar to socks and tupperware at our house....

13. The number of Christmas cards I received from dear friends in the mailbox, along with the twenty-two I tried to mail without any postage stamps.

12. The number of kinds of cookies I baked this year, half of which are in my belly. Yum :)

11 to 0. The ratio of various rolls of wrapping paper in this house to rolls of tape.

10. The number of square feet of walking space after decorating for the holiday..

9. The amount of trips to the market for more eggs. Or milk. Or peanut butter. Or bread. Perhaps I should listen to the husband and make ONE list...

7. The number of times the following statement is used per day- "Santa is watching you right now!"

5. The number of stockings hung by the fireplace. 2 which were empty of last year's Hershey kisses.

4. The number of extra gifts I have for the "surprise" visitors I see only at this time of year :)

3. The number of UPS/ FED Ex men I know by name. Not kidding.  From deliveries! (get your mind out of the gutter...)

2. The number of "missing" candy canes from the tree per day...

1- bag of candy corn from Halloween I still can't part with. It matches the 1 lb. bag of Autumn mix I ate while contemplating the candy corn dilemma...

0. The number of Christmas Carols/ Christmas Commercials/ Christmas Movies/ Christmas Decorations I want to experience after the 25th of December :)

0. The number of any of the above I'd be willing to change. We're making memories each and every day.

Merry Christmas, friends :)


  1. don't ever feel like you should be doing 146 other things besides blogging! I love your blog, thanks for putting those other 146 things to do on the back burner while you entertained me.

  2. I agree with Anonymous. Don't stop writing these. You make my day. :)

    Your FF

  3. I agree with the first comment. You are AMAZING!! Every single post puts a smile on my face, and a great new desert/decoration/family tip in my home. You have greatly influenced and inspired me. Keep on Blogging girl! :) :) :P


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