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Thursday, December 9, 2010

White Trash Question of the day..

"Momma, will you put that cute ham in the Macaroni and Cheese this time? asks the youngest, jumping up and down.

"Cute Ham?" I ask.

"You know, the one in that fancy little blue and gold can?

 Ahem. He was talking about Spam.

Aim high, people. Aim really, really high.

Happy classy Thursday, friends. :)


  1. I live right by where spam was invented! This summer for my birthday some friends of mine took me to the spam museum! It was so interesting (really) I will always think of your when I buy spam now...Tanner loves it.

  2. Oh Shel, I think this might just be my MOST favorite one I've read yet! The classiness never ends. ;)
    Give that lil one a squeeze for me. Him and I share the same love of canned meats. :~)

  3. BTW...that last comment came from your FF. :)

  4. K, You live by the SPAM museum? Holy canned meat!! I have at least three people in this family who would love to come visit you. Okay, four. Or five.... @F.F.- If the classiness ever ended, where would we be??

  5. Yes indeedy feed the needy...Spam was were it was at! Perhaps with eggs in the morning and sandwich in the afternoon. Cute ham!

  6. THIS.. is where it all began. I told you! Keep it classy, ma!


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