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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Makeover...

Hey friends! I hope you've enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. Me? I was sicker than a dog. (Where does that saying come from, anyway? Do dogs get more sick than humans? Do they have higher temperatures or require more bottles of Pepto or NyQuil? I'm guessing no) Ugh. I am so glad to have had an extra day to recuperate...

Here's a little makeover I did on a pair of chairs. My mother-in-law apparently has a whole barn-full of goodies waiting for some spray-paint love. (How did I not know this sooner?) I think she found these at a yard sale..not sure. They were just sitting in the barn like a lonely set of twins, begging for some attention...

When the man's mom asked if I'd like them, I thought for......oh stop. You know I took them faster than she could finish asking. I don't know where they are going to go, but one thing I'm sure of? They were free and Holy-set-of-wrought-iron!! Who loves "free" more than me?

Two super-heavy, bottomless FREE chairs..

          I wasn't going to do the measuring on those chair bottoms. I'm pretty sure people would actually like to sit on them and not fall through..The seats are what we in Utah call "skewampous." I think Utahns mean skewed or crooked, but I love that word....

The only thing I purchased for the project. The foam was 6 dollars for a two pack. Woo Hoo! Oh yes, only a teacher would use a fat Crayola marker to draw professional lines. I do what I can...

Upholstery fabric I had on hand for bags...

The fabric LOOKS even...

Until I get my spatially challenged hands on it.

Finally, some beautiful, left-over red paint that I bought for a bookshelf. The eldest helped me with the painting, but due to the 100 degree weather, no pictures were allowed of the process :) I promise, we DID paint them :)

C' cute are they? BTW, if you were thinking the same thing as the man and wondering why I didn't leave them yellow since I painted the last set that color...I say, "completely different shade, darlin'." Duh! .....Ahem. Just kidding. Were it not for the man, those cute chairs would have fabric bottoms only, and I can only surmise lawsuits galore..

Have a great short-work-week, friends :)


  1. Hi there, sweet potato!

    These are so super cute!!!! Wow. How do you see what no one else see's? You take someone else's "junk" and make it beautiful! Oh, and can you ship them to me? Please???? :)
    Glad your feeling better. Did you pass it on to your family? Sure hope not. Z's sick. Not sure with what yet. I got my fingers (and toes) crossed it isn't catchy!
    Noah starts 2nd grade tomorrow. Where does the time go?? Zander starts preschool the 12th. I really don't think I'm ready. He is. I'm not. *sigh*

    Have a super-duper fantastic "feeling better" kinda week!

    Love to you and your wonderful family!
    Your FF :)

  2. How dang cute. please come to my house and do your magic. I have lots of crap that only you could make beautiful. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Love and hugs to get well soon. Also, happy birthday to you tomorrow. I hope all your wishes come true. Love from your fav 3 in the mitten. :)

  3. Thanks, my F.F. I can't believe the kids have grown so much. I hope you are taking it well and that your kids are staying healthy! Cheers to a great school year :) @Fave3 in the mitten..I would love nothing more. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I miss the mitten and most everyone in it :)


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