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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Makeover II

So, my mother-in-law let me take home this table a few years ago. (No, the woman NEVER stops giving..) She even had a new top made for it because she rocks like that. I have to be honest and say that I have loved it ever since I saw it in its original state. I thought the old paint gave it character.. I had it in my living room for a long time. But one day, I noticed the paint was literally falling off onto the floor. When I picked up the pieces of paint, they would turn into powder. All I could think of was "LEAD PAINT!", and perhaps the realization that the man's mother might have an alternative motive with all this gift-giving...

-and HERE is a picture of an organizer the man bought for my birthday last year. A hint maybe to, you know, be more organized? You have been following the blog and saw the before shot of the closet yesterday, right? Even though there was important "stuff"stuffed in those cubicles, there was no order to it at all. I really do love this little piece of furniture, but still haven't used it properly.

And then that man went and helped me make a teeny tiny, fantastic office...He actually helped make the stripes, remember? 

Now I know this is going to be shocking to all of you, but I decided to paint the table and organizer. Yes. More paint. Even all those little annoying cubicle-thingies.. (what in the world was I thinking?)

I used the last of the aqua paint from the room and mixed it with another quart of creamy-white paint. When it was finished, the man helped spray the whole thing with a lacquer spray paint. I know you can't see it from the pictures, but it has a soft shine to it. Perfect for a very girly office. Will it stay organized? Your guess is as good as mine.. (if your guess is "No!")

Here is the finished product..




I'm not sure if I'll regret painting that old red table.  For now though, it's exactly what I want.

Have an organized week for me, friends :)


  1. How adorable!
    It's so purdy!!!!!
    I LOVE it!! :) coming soon to help me with this messy house of mine???? I just don't have the "gift" that you have.

    Ugh. LOL!

    Love to you my FF!

  2. Well bust my buttons! Every single time I see something new you've created, I am amazed. Your ability of taking a simple object or space and making it down right gorgeous is inspiring.That is the sign of a true artist, finding the true beauty in the mundane and bringing it out for the rest of the world to see. What a wonderful, warm and cozy office. The lighting almost makes you want to stay in your pj's, grab some hot tea and a good book then hide out for the day. Also, the stipes on the wall remind me of the Grand hotel. Love you!

  3. F.F., It's much less a gift than a garage full of paint.. :) I miss you, girl. K, You make me smile! "Bust your buttons?" I love that. Thanks, sis, for your always-supportive words. Grand Hotel? I love that, too :)

  4. Oh, for the love of the good, green earth! Can I really be that stupid? Hit the title and it will refresh. Duh. I've missed so much. I was looking at the table and the organizer, and how beautiful it all is, and thinking, where in the world did she put that? Good heavens, girl! Your creativity blows me away sometimes. Well, thanks for reminder. You should've given me a kick in the pants the other day. BTW: Can I buy the bag? I didn't see it on artfire :)


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