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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keepin' it real...

"Mom, why does C. (the middle child) want a razor?" the youngest asks.

"Because he's getting older.. and that's what guys do. See that dark hair on his upper lip?" I try to explain..

"Hmm." he nods.. "But why does he use a razor?"

"Well, you know how daddy gets whiskers? He uses a razor to shave them off."  I say.

"I know that. But dad has light brown hair.." he tells me, still looking confused.

"So?" I ask, not quite understanding what HE's not understanding..

"Well,  C. has dark hair like you do. I think he should use that shiny, warm stuff on his lip like you ..."

Oh Dear Big Man Up Above...

Waxing. He's talking about waxing...

Yes, he's seen me wax before, but I never really thought he understood why, or more importantly HOW he felt the need to remember that bit of information...

I believe this is the beginning of a new book. I obviously have both a ton of content AND a title.

"Things Young Men Should Never Say To Women. About Women. Out loud. Ever." written by a humbled, smooth-upper lipped, forty-something mother.

Cheers to honesty, friends :)


  1. Haven't you learned yet that there are no secrets in this house? I think that is one of the great things about kids - they bring a whole new level of honesty to everything.

  2. You're not kidding, M! TMI, maybe? Nah....

  3. Yes! You can include a chapter about never mentioning that a woman's pants look like maternity pants. ;)


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