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Monday, September 12, 2011

41: In their words...

My children try to one-up themselves every time the man and I have a birthday. They work all night to come up with the most creative, sarcastic, full-of-love sentiments two children could ever produce on the night before their parent's big day..Yes, they are procrastinators. It's genetic.

One year I received a construction paper card that was a sewing machine. It had a needle and thread spun on a spool. It had pieces of my fabric on it and beautiful hand-written notes inside. Another year, I had a card made out of letter people (from my teaching days) and hot tubs (a family joke; I've always wanted one.)

The man has a card that was an exact replica of his laptop, one that is a hamburger-flipping grill, and another that is a Facebook page...

The kids always seem to capture who we are and what we love. It's become a highlight of our special days.

I turned 41 a week ago. I wanted to share the card that "my babies" made for me this year. It's a collage about my favorite things. 41 things. It's also numbered on the front and coded on the back so I, at my very old age, can understand what each picture means. I'm showing it to you so you can-

a)  learn a little about who I am through my family's eyes.
b)  see that my children are as sarcastic as they are sweet.

Mostly, I'm recording a memory. That construction paper will fade over time. I never want to forget how excited the kids were while watching me read that card. Equally, I never want to forget how loved they made me feel. What more can a mom ask for (besides a hot tub) on her birthday?

The card :)

The coded flip-side...

"41 Years of Greatness..." by the kids..

  1. Coca Cola- We love your Coke addiction. Thanks for sharing (not!)
  2. Dice (playing the penny-slots) - Always hitting it big time! Thanks for bringing home enough quarters to use at Chuck-E-Cheese...
  3. Roses- Just like a rose, you are genuinely beautiful on the outside and in... ;)
  4. Coffee- Thank-you Starbucks for making every early morning with the family more tolerable..
  5. Sewing- Talent at an endless supply, yet obviously absent in the passing down of traits.
  6. Tai Pan Store- Tai Pan. always thee best place to play hooky. Thanks for memories of Christmas shopping in April..
  7. Yoga- keeping us in-sync with the sick-bending ways of the real world. When in doubt, downward-dog it!
  8. Adele- Only the best when it comes to home-renovation easy listening. Our neighbors are all-too-familiar with the turning tables and rollin' in the deep.
  9. Lowe's- The happiest place on earth.
  10. The 6th Sense- the perfect blend of mystery and suspense.
  11. Teaching -how can we express our gratitude toward the endless amount of knowledge you've given us, not to mention the incredibly handy all-access pass to school supplies..
  12. Japan- Domo Arigato. Thanks for being you.
  13. Michigan- Go Blue or Go home!!
  14. Christian- I Corinthians 13:7.
  15. Blogging- Thanks for keeping every day interesting, for finding humor in everything and making it sound worthwhile...
  16. Apple- We admire the amazing multi-tasking Apple Macintosh line God has blessed you with. We also thank you for being so generous in hand-me-downs..
  17. Hershey's Bar- Signature Michele and Patrick Star. "Eat this chocolate and you'll live forever!!"
  18. Family- We love you because we have to.
  19. Reading-"Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high. Take a look. It's in a book.."
  20. Autumn- Can YOU paint with all the colors of the wind?
  21. Football- NFL all access pass- see you in February.
  22. Chinese food- hey, at least it's not Wendys!
  23. Dolphins- Free Willy. Wait! Was he a Quwhale?? (my kids make fun of the way I pronounce words with the "wh" sound)..
  24. Candy Corn- part of the major food groups- candy. candy corn and syrup!
  25. Green- Your favorite color. It's not easy being green.
  26. Chemistry- Rocking the periodic table since 1970!
  27. shellybean- Take that, Jelly Belly!
  28. Rock-n-Rye- Rockin' Roll every night and party every day, Faygo!
  29. Writing-How could we simply define the glorious talent of the ways you write your about your life? To be awesome or to be awesomer?
  30. Cartoon Fridays- 4 years of your life you'll never get back. Dee Dee, get out of my laboratory!
  31. Detroit Pistons- The only team bringing pride to the 810? No way!
  32. Hot Tub- one of these days, ma!
  33. McRib- the best few weeks of the year..
  34. Shape Shifter- your first electronic addiction. Welcome to the 21st century, ma!
  35. Baking- Do you know the muffin man? Your baking rocks our socks off!
  36. Painting- From the canvas to the walls, you never fail to impress...
  37. Josh Groban- "Papa, Can you hear me???"
  38. 1988- Eighty-eight is great and so are you!
  39. Outback-mmmm. Steak.
  40. Cake- Stocking up on Cherry Chip cake mix (just in case!)
  41. Vintage- Ma, you're always timeless to us! 

Have a Happy week, friends :)


  1. Holy Card-of-all-cards!!! I am in awe. Wow. Those are some truly amazing kiddo's that you have there! And 2 very lucky parents. (Don't tell the kids I said that!!!!)
    Some of those things I knew (funny, they are still the same 100 yrs later!) and some I didn't. Thanks kids for letting me get to know my FF just a little bit more! <3 ya!!!

  2. Much better than a hot tub! I can't wait to see my birthday card in a few months - this one will be hard for them to top! It captures your essence and all that we love about you. It was definitely the highlight of your birthday. Good job on #15, too - you always keep us entertained and bring a smile to our face.

  3. F.F. and Mark; they are pretty funny kids. Thanks for commenting. My favorite? #19 "We love you because we have to". Yep, they're all mine :)


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