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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our last "first"..

The youngest lost his very first tooth today. Actually, the eldest (dentist wannabe) pulled out the very loose tooth on the count of two.

You know how it goes...

"Don't be scared, little man. We'll pull it out on the count of three. Are you ready?" future-doctor asks.

After the nod I hear "One....Two."

Bam. It's out.

"Hey!" says the youngest.

Anticipating protest, I instead hear...

"How much is something that little worth to the tooth fairy?"

Yep. Just as I suspected. Losing teeth still hurts me more than it does them...

Happy Wednesday, friends :)

The collateral

The "I-can-now-suck-through-a-straw-while-my-teeth-are-clenched" smile. BTW, yes, that is a "middle" tooth that is missing. The youngest was born with  two teeth fused into one. We never do anything "normal" in this family...

Evidence that the tooth and toothless grin are indeed related. Take that, tooth fairy!


  1. Oh congrats to Jo Jo! Quite a big day for a little guy. You just tell him that the tooth fairy used to leave us a bill for the pick up service. :)
    I still literally cringe at the memory of my teeth being loose. I remember that I would hide it from dad, beacuse if he knew...that was it, he was pulling that bad boy out. The bonus of the tooth finally being gone? I could fit my sucker stick in between and let it rest on my gums. Why is this cool you ask? Uh, why is it not!?! Love you all!!!

  2. Aw, how awesome!!!
    So, how much WAS it worth?? LOL!
    I too used to be scared to death every time I had a loose tooth because my father would think it was HIS job to yank the darn thing out! What was it with Dad's back then??? HA!
    Congrats lil man. And you too, Momma. All these "lasts" are killing me. What about you? :(

    Love your FF!!!

  3. Just think - this last "first" could also be the first of many extractions for the eldest. Is she taking the money from the tooth fairy as payment for her dental services? It might be a good idea - it could help with her college fund because I don't think the tooth fairy helps with that.

  4. @kimmi and F.F, thanks for your comments. It was pretty traumatic for me.I find it funny that we had fathers who were so eager to yank out teeth!! @Mark, let's hope that the eldest charges a fortune for future extractions...except for family members, of course :)


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