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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pattern Review- New Look 6799

Here's a dress I made a while back. I posted it on Pattern Review....Thanks for looking. Until I figure out how to load the pictures on that particular site, I'm posting them here.

I made it from a full size sheet I found at a vintage store for a buck!

Here is the "pretend you-can-still-fill-the top-out" view :(

A pic from the back to show the zipper and cute pearl buttons :)

One smiley pic for the man who tried really hard to take the photos on an unfamiliar camera...

Happy Thursday, friends :)


  1. I love this dress. I really love it. It is classic and prefect. It reminds me of something from the late 50's to early 60's, which I feel was one of the best times in fashion. You look just like Audrey in the pictures, so darn beautiful. Will this dress, or desses like this on be for sale? If so, I'm all about owning one ASAP. Great work Michele!

  2. The dress looks great. So does the model. Good work!

  3. All I can say is Wow Michele, you look beautiful and so does the dress!


  4. LOVE this! You are so talented! And beautiful!!!! Inside and out. <3 this dress and you, my FF. :)

  5. The dress is SO dreamy! Another beautiful creation, you never cease to amaze me. (And, don't tell Mark, but I think I have a crush on the model... hubba, hubba!) Love you, girl...

  6. Wow! What beautiful comments! Thanks to each of you for your kind words. I love you all for reading this silly blog and for accepting that there is no rhyme nor reason to it. You rock!

  7. You are just as darling as can be. You've got the looks, that skinny bod (jealous!) and you are oh-so talented. I've really enjoyed your blog. You have so many wonderful things to share. I've especially loved the posts about Jonah. Sure miss you and that crazy kid!

  8. Shan, thanks so much for the sweet comments. I hope you know how much I appreciate them :)

  9. Hey Shantal, you have to refresh the page at the top (hit the title, follow me home) to see the new posts... :)

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you Lee Ann! It has been washed a ton of times and has really held up nicely. Who knew? Thanks for looking!!


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