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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pattern Review- New Look 6493

Hello friends :)

Well, I've found my sewing groove once again. There are a few new bags in the shop and I've been working on some custom orders as well. Sewing has been very therapeutic for me;  I had forgotten how much I missed it. It's been a little difficult getting down to the craft room with the weather being so nice... I find that I can never get enough of the sunlight these days.  As grateful as I am for my studio, I'm thinking of relocating the room somewhere with a little more natural light.

I've recently joined a site called "Pattern Review". It is a resource site for sewists/seamstresses who are interested in sewing from purchased patterns. Although I love to design and make my own bags and other simple items, I'm nowhere near qualified to make my own clothing patterns. (yet). So I found Pattern Review. I can type in a purchased pattern, and find a review from people who have already sewn it. They list problems or tips on making the best piece(s) possible. This way, I can save a step or two, or avoid a project disaster altogether. I've learned so much just from reading the processes others at all sewing levels go through.. My favorite though, is seeing the way people interpret the patterns. You may have a skirt pattern that has been altered 20 different ways; each one amazing...So much creativity, so many ideas..

By joining, I'm going to give the review thing a shot. It is so obvious that I have a lot to learn, but maybe my beginner skills may be of some assistance to another girl in search of some fabric therapy :)

Because sewing is an important part of who I am, I will probably link the review to this blog. If you see a blog title with the words "Pattern Review," stop and take a look at what I "tried" to make. If you sew and would like to look at the fantastic site for your own pattern search, simply click on the yellow box on the right side of this blog, or type in You can join for free or pay a yearly fee for sewing deals....

If you're over there and want to say hello, I'm under the name "teachutah".

Not into sewing? That's okay. Still, let me know what you think. How fun will it be for you to comment and say, "Dear Heavens, shellybean. That is the ugliest use of a tablecloth that I've ever seen!" Sure, I'll roll on the floor in tears for a while, but we both may feel better afterwords....

I'm pretty lame with fashion fads; I usually fall back on sewing/wearing classic styles..What's your favorite trend in clothing these days? Leave a comment, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Happy Thursday, friends

Here are the pictures to my first pattern review. You can read about if you want to by clicking on the "pattern review" button.

New Look 6493- Long Dress

Model- A. A. is about to embark on second grade. She loves Star Wars, dancing, swimming and rocking fabulous nail polish. Thank you, A. for being an amazing helper :)

                                 Long Summer dress, with a little bit of growing room :)

              Perfect dress to wear for catching fireflies and running barefoot around the yard..

                             Or for having tea... pic shows matching covered buttons.
     Back view/ Another matching button and fabric closure.


  1. What a nice dress and nice model! The backdrops are great, too! Good work!

  2. This dress is amazing!!! You know how I feel about these free flowing hippie type dresses. You are so darn creative. I wish I were the same size as "A". I promise you this, if you make more dresses for the older ladies...I will buy every one. Every last one. I'm in love!!!

  3. Thanks! I'll get looking for those grown-up patterns :)


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