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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sanitizer, anyone?

Conversation of the week:

Setting: Wednesday morning. Inside yet another doctor's office... This time, orthopedics.

Characters: The youngest, a very nice doctor, his 18 year-old sidekick and me.

Scene- After a cast is applied to the youngest's left arm, a conversation ensues. All characters stare directly and pathetically at me. went a little something like this...

"You're all set, young man. I'll see you in a few weeks. By then, you'll be as good as new.." cheered on the doctor.

"Mom! This is my writing hand! What am I gonna do?" the youngest asked, frustrated.

"It will be fine. I will help you...We can practice with your other hand." I say reassuringly.

"But I eat with this hand!" he argued.

"I told you, honey. I will help you." I said while nudging him slightly out of the doctor's office...

Stopping in his tracks, he looked at me and whined, "But MOOOOOOOOM?"

"Whaaaaaat?" I asked in a 'can-we-for-the-love-of-all-that's-good-please-go-and-talk-about-this-in-the-car?' kind of voice..

As if to remind everyone in the room of his injury, the youngest lifted up the bright orange cast covering his arm from wrist-to-elbow and shouted,

"THIS is my wiping hand too!"


Cheers to a germ-free six-weeks, friends.


  1. Poor guy. This is just a reminder of things to come with Quinn. I'm so sorry Jonah has to go through this. Yet, if I've learned anything in my 2 1/2 years as a Mommy...this is much harder for you. Here's to clean hands and happy hearts.

  2. Yes, I am glad his other hand isn't broken. You don't realize how much you use both hands until you can't use one of them. Thanks for being his second hand for a while.

  3. All I can do is chuckle. Please don't hate me. :)
    Love and Hugs to you my FF!

  4. Thanks for the giggle! I needed that this afternoon. I hope he's doing well and getting used to the temporary limitations.

    Did the Doctor and sidekick get a laugh out of that statement as well?

  5. He's actually doing really well. Thanks for the comments and smiles :)

  6. Oh how I love that kid (yet he has no clue who I am!) Thanks for the laugh, yet again!


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