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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tea Table

Hey-O friends! I hope you're enjoying your weekend...

I thought I'd show you one of the projects I've been working on.. I had all of the materials on hand so this revamp was free. That's right. My garage is now missing three cans of spray paint and my fabric stash is a yard or two lighter of older material. Woo Hoo! It's called progress, right?

Here is a short picture story of what I used to make a fun table for enjoying a nice cup of tea...

This is my cute wrought iron set. We never use it because the paint comes off on your clothes and it has some sharp edges that snag. Plus it's iron. In the sun. It's hot and it burns your.....blah blah blah

 A few pages of sand paper and every single drop of the spray paint I bought for some other project......

I used the yellow fabric for the seat cushions and black for a table cover. It is light and airy enough for summer. I know, black is not exactly a summer color, but it's so fun! The polka dot ribbon was used to hang a chandelier. The picture would better if I actually had candles, but...

It's cute, right?

If you knew how spatially challenged I am, you would be doing cartwheels after seeing how well those round cushions fit.  Bony bottoms rejoice!!

If it didn't feel like the Apocalypse outside with the heat, I might have spent a bit more time setting that table. This is what I could do with ice blocks under my arms.... 

Finally, a picture of the best actors/helpers in the world. They are not at all making fun of their mother and her tea table. mmmhmm. BTW, the youngest was inside with the air conditioning, eating a Bomb Pop and contemplating locking the door...

Keep Cool, friends :)


  1. It turned out great! You had some great actors/ helpers, too! We still have some spray paint in some wild colors (neon pink) if you want to try that next time.

  2. Love, Love, Love, how it turned out! the black and white polka dot with the yellow fabric look beautiful! You are so talented! When's the next tea party? :)

  3. Shel, seriously...this is adorable! How beautiful it all came out! Your talent is endless...kinda like your actors. :)
    Miss you! Wish I could come a have a par-taaaay with ya! <3

    Your FF :)

  4. You did a great job Shelbel! I liked the colors that you went with and the outcome all together. Great pics...almost felt like I was there!


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