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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Freaky Fourth....

***Warning- gory picture ahead.....

When does a woman (yep, yours truly) yell and curse at an inanimate object? (In this case, a large chair...)

When her youngest jumps on it and splits his lip wide open. It required a trip to the clinic, and then to the ER. We were eventually told said lip would heal on its a few weeks.

Never mind how many times we've asked the youngest NOT to jump from chair to chair.

Never mind that he was asked to be careful while wearing a Jedi costume twice his size.

Never mind that he broke the rules by removing chair cushions so he could "land on them" whilst fighting invisible clones.

No. When you're staring at your frightened, blood covered child and he is begging you to help him, you forget all that. In an instant. You wrap him in your arms, drive him to the nearest 18 year-old physician and pray that he will tell you that your child is okay.

You breathe deeply when you find out he won't need stitches or plastic surgery. You take your "baby" home and feed him (and his swollen mouth) all the Popsicles he wants. Then you walk over to the evil chair, replace the trauma-causing cushion and kick it hard. In turn, it gives you a swollen, stubbed toe....

What kind of upholstered monster is that, anyway??

Da** chair. It's got to go.

Happy (safe) weekend friends.


  1. ooooohhhhh......pooor lil guy!!! Ha!!
    I laugh, but only because I truly understand....but ours is known as THE couch from hell! Not once, but TWICE Noah has broken a bone because of said "Satan" L-shaped couch. Let's just say, that he can't "stick" his landing after jumping over the stupid thing. Ugh.... boys. We now have a new couch/love seat combo. No split lips, broken bones, bashed heads.....yet. I'm sure it will happen. Hope his father is watching him at the time.... :)

    Your FF :)

  2. Oh, poor Jo. I miss him! (And his mama) I love making that kid scream and run around, but it looks like he did that well enough on his own. Tell him I hope he feels well soon:)

  3. Thanks, Shan. The little man is feeling much better. @ F.F., I love a girl who's not afraid to curse her furniture.


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